Defined contribution

Defined contribution

Retirement is changing, with people living longer and investing in more challenging markets. As a global defined contribution investment-only provider, BlackRock provides a breadth of capabilities and depth of knowledge across asset management, plan design, and participant communications.

Why defined contribution plans work with BlackRock

Innovative solutions
We pioneered the target date strategy to help people better prepare for retirement without the guesswork of managing market ups and downs.
Designing sustainable futures
We’re creating sustainable options for retirement that can help deliver better risk-adjusted returns and outcomes.
Sharpening plan design
Our technology analyses plan features and connects the decisions made today to help participants better prepare for retirement tomorrow.

Building retirement resilience

A new market regime of economic uncertainty continues to impact retirement portfolios and participants. Explore our investment actions for plan sponsors to consider for investment menus to help navigate this environment.
Building retirement resilience

Our investment capabilities

Defined contribution plans have become the primary way most Americans save for retirement. Our dedicated BlackRock defined contribution team can help you design a plan that’s built to achieve participants’ retirement goals.

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Target date strategies

At BlackRock, we’ve created powerful investment solutions like the target date strategy, giving more and more people access to professional management for their retirement savings.

Our target date strategies are designed to deliver a unique combination of extensive experience, advanced strategic insights and flexible investment implementations.

Retirement income

With a new generation entering retirement dependent almost entirely on savings, we are building solutions for plan sponsors that seek to provide participants with access to retirement income.

BlackRock offers a range of solutions that simplify access to retirement income, including innovative tools, resources, and research-driven investment insights.

Fixed income

Plan sponsors seeking to achieve positive returns with historically lower risk than other asset classes may wish to consider flexible fixed income strategies within their retirement plan investment menu.

BlackRock offers a comprehensive fixed income platform, managing assets across the entire fixed income spectrum – from public to private, fundamental & systematic, active & index – to help deliver better outcomes, convenience, value, and transparency for our clients.

Active equities

Plan sponsors may seek opportunities for growth and diversification in uncertain markets. Active strategies that are low-cost and seek to deliver consistent, incremental alpha may help plan sponsors construct a plan menu that solves potential savings challenges in retirement plans.

BlackRock offers both fundamental and systematic strategies that combine human insight and technology in varying degrees to seek differentiated retirement savings outcomes.

Index investing

Plan sponsors seeking more diversified market exposure in their retirement plan menu may consider index strategies that are low cost, with transparent methodology.

BlackRock index investing strategies seek to provide cost-effective access for plan sponsors desired market exposures through both widely used and customized benchmarks, all through our proprietary, in-house Aladdin® technology. In addition to core allocations, clients use our flexible platform of index strategies for a range of investment needs, including risk management, tactical adjustments, and cash equitization.

Cash management

Plan sponsors may seek cash management strategies as a capital preservation option in a retirement plan for participants.

BlackRock considers cash management a unique investment discipline requiring a distinct skill set to effectively hedge against risk and deliver on a client needs. While our investment strategy is conservative by nature, we strive to deliver competitive, consistent returns over time.

Strategic plan design

BlackRock's technology analyses plan features to help you understand, prioritize and advocate for changes to your plan design to help drive better participant outcomes.
Strategic plan design

Participant engagement

Leverage modern, compelling participant communication resources that are designed to engage and educate participants to help them get the most out of their retirement plan.
Participant engagement

Latest retirement insights

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Our defined contribution team

With regional offices throughout the United States, BlackRock’s dedicated defined contribution team serves as consultative partners to clients as well as thought leaders on industry trends.

Jeremy Kish
Manager Director, DC West
Craig Voelker
Managing Director, DC Midwest
Kim Klenk Howells
Manager Director, DC East
Matthew Rauseo
Manager Director, Head of Consultant Relations
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Director, Consultant Relations

Contact our dedicated defined contribution team

Get in touch with BlackRock to learn how our defined contribution team partners with plan sponsors and consultants to help deliver better retirement outcomes.
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Get to know us

  • Retirement is changing, with people living longer and investing in more challenging markets. That’s why many of the world’s largest DC plans trust BlackRock with their participants’ retirement futures. As a global defined contribution investment-only provider, BlackRock provides a breadth of capabilities and depth of knowledge across asset management, plan design, and participant communications.

  • As a BlackRock client, you have access to innovative solutions informed by decades of how participants work, earn, spend, and behave in changing market regimes. As a pioneer in target date, index and data-driven alpha strategies, we continue to evolve to help meet changing client needs through new investment solutions and award-winning participant engagement strategies.

  • Being a BlackRock client means you have access to dedicated partners who can help with everything from seamless product implementation to plan optimization and helping effectively engage participant populations. With 100+ dedicated DC professionals, we act as an extension of your team.

  • BlackRock believes that effective communication is crucial, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly—but it doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Your understanding of your organization, paired with our DC plan communications expertise, will allow us to build a strategy that helps motivate your employees to act.

  • Risk management is at the heart of everything we do. Your participants benefit from the power of Aladdin®, BlackRock’s risk analytics, portfolio management and trading platform. Aladdin leverages the collective intelligence of over $15 trillion in assets to help us better understand the exposures and risks across every product and asset class we manage.

  • BlackRock is dedicated to delivering insights that provide greater clarity on optimizing your plan and reaching your objectives. Retirement insights include propriety research, demographic and economic trends, and investment commentary that can help you understand emerging risks and opportunities.