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Investors are navigating multiple headwinds as a new market reality of higher inflation and interest rates hits return expectations. Given their long-term growth potential and diversification benefits, equities have been - and remain - a core portfolio allocation across market cycles.

Why BlackRock for equities?

BlackRock is a global leader in equity investing, committed to delivering long-term results for our clients. Our wide range of equity strategies spans the risk/return spectrum, with diversity across market capitalizations, regions, sectors and styles.

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Differentiated perspectives
Global research connectivity and cross-asset class collaboration and debate power panoramic investment views, helping to uncover compelling opportunities.
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Innovation & technology advantage
Sophisticated investment tools, infrastructure and technology sharpen insight generation and promote smarter, more efficient decision-making.
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“Always-on” risk management
Industry-leading Aladdin risk management platform helps ensure portfolio risks are deliberate, diversified and properly scaled.
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Flexibility & choice
A full breadth of equity solutions across budgets, vehicles and market exposures that are as distinctive as the needs of the clients we serve.

Equity investing solutions

Equities are a growth engine and integral part of institutional portfolios. BlackRock’s equity solutions span management styles, from traditional fundamental to systematic to index. Each offers a differentiated investment approach and source of return that can easily partner with other portfolio components to target clients’ unique objectives.

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Fundamental Equities

Our Fundamental Equities (FE) teams build portfolios company by company, assessing the core merits of individual businesses to seek a thorough, first-hand understanding of their long-term potential. With decades of experience and a local presence around the world, FE investors bring expertise to their discipline and deep, bottom-up insight that powers their mission to generate consistent, risk-managed alpha for clients.

Spotlight strategies

Global Emerging Markets (GEM)
A fundamental GEM core strategy that blends top-down and bottom-up research to produce a style-flexible and nimble portfolio for the complex emerging markets landscape.
Global Unconstrained
A concentrated, high-conviction strategy that seeks long-term alpha across market cycles via an active, fundamental approach targeting market-leading companies worldwide.
U.S. Large Cap Value
A fundamental strategy that dynamically marries value and quality in seeking to deliver style-pure, superior risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.

Systematic Equities

BlackRock’s systematic approach to equity investing combines big data, scientific analysis, and human expertise to seek differentiated portfolio outcomes.

Spotlight strategies

Our data-driven insights and technology offer cost-efficient, risk-managed equity solutions to help clients generate returns across an extensive opportunity set.
Partial long/short
Designed to deliver differentiated alpha by selecting stocks through optimized tilts, we seek to exploit market inefficiencies and minimize exposure to uncompensated risks.
Absolute return
Absolute return strategies use distinct sources of return to seek positive absolute returns in equity markets, irrespective of financial conditions.

Index investing

For over 50 years, we have developed a wide array of index strategies across sectors, qualities and geographic regions to address client needs. We collaborate with healthcare clients to deliver customized beta exposures and invest in technology, such as Aladdin®, to continually enhance and improve our index replication process.

Employing index investing strategies in institutional portfolios can help achieve a variety of goals including reducing portfolio volatility, creating liquidity sleeves and reducing plan investment costs. Index exposure is available to institutional investors through separate accounts, pooled funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Managing liquidity
Whether used as a permanent liquidity sleeve or a temporary way to access markets, ETFs can bring liquidity and low trading costs.
Enhancing cash
Institutions can incrementally increase yield by stepping out of cash across a spectrum of short duration offerings and respective risk levels.
Adjusting tactical and strategic allocations
Immediate, low-cost strategic exposure to sectors where active management may be insufficient or unnecessary.

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BlackRock equities leadership team

Rich Kushel
Senior Managing Director, Head of the Portfolio Management Group (PMG)
Philip Vasan
Deputy Head of the PMG and Co-Head of Fundamental Equities
Becci McKinley-Rowe
Co-Head of Fundamental Equities
Tony DeSpirito
Global Chief Investment Officer of Fundamental Equities
Raffaele Savi
Global Head of Systematic and Co-CIO and Co-Head of Systematic Equity
Jeff Shen, PhD
Co-CIO and Co-Head of Systematic Equity

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