BlackRock Future Forum: A world in transition
Explore on-demand content from our recent Future Forum, where we convened today’s top minds - including Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry and renowned investors Ray Dalio and Rick Rieder - to examine a world emerging from crisis and the themes shaping the course for policy, global markets and investors.
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Our flagship events in 2021 brought together senior BlackRock investors and thought leaders across sustainability, healthcare, government, policy and more.

Zach Buchwald: Welcome to the BlackRock Future Forum.

Zach Buchwald: Today’s session will explore the opportunities and challenges of investing in China.

Zach Buchwald: China now contributes close to 20% of global GDP.  For investors that consider the entire global landscape of opportunities, China has simply become too big to overlook.

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China-focused experts examine
China’s accelerated growth
geopolitical headwinds
potential of Chinese markets

Investors analyze the role of China in portfolios across
Fixed Income
Private Markets

Wei Li: What has become very clear to me is that China and China assets represent a significant opportunity to meet long-term investment goals.

Tom Donilon: China and the United States are really going to be the two chief engines of growth in the world coming into 2021 and 2022.

Gregor Carle: We’re living in a world where yield is in incredibly short supply and, you know, China is a source of that elusive necessity.

Jeff Shen: Sustainability and technology are certainly two areas that I think are very important when we think about China.

Celia Yan: Chinese investment spectrum in the private space has emerged into a more relationship driven, ecosystem driven landscape.

Preston Hutchings: Our goal is to get good returns for our shareholders, not to get good returns for our shareholders subject to home bias.

Zach Buchwald: At BlackRock, our goal is to help our clients create a deliberate plan to participate in China’s growing and resilient market.

BlackRock Future Forum

Discover our series of conversations exploring insights on the topics that are influencing markets and impacting society - including geopolitics, healthcare and technology. For highlights from our recent Future Forum on China, featuring conversations on the potential of Chinese markets and implications for investors, watch the recap video!

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