Alternatives are essential

As allocations grow, alternative investments play an increasingly critical role in portfolios. The need for an approach that is scalable, disciplined, integrated, technology-enabled, transparent and based on fiduciary partnership has never been greater.
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Championing a new era of alternatives

Growing demand and complexity in private markets calls for a new era of alternatives to overcome long-standing hurdles for investors. We are helping to evolve the industry to overcome those challenges and defining a new kind of partnership for our clients.

Inflation, higher rates, and volatility have dominated headlines this year.

But as in past periods of uncertainty, times like these offer attractive valuations for private assets, making it an opportune time to invest for the future.

We also believe private markets are poised to play a vital role in the profound, structural changes that are reshaping our world: mega forces.

From investing in the transition to a low-carbon economy to building the real estate needed to adjust to demographic changes, private capital is positioned to meet the demand of the companies and industries powering these sweeping changes – and positioned to benefit from them.

Every day, these mega forces create new possibilities. They are an important part of why we are optimistic about private markets in the year ahead.

BlackRock’s Edwin Conway: 2024 Private Markets Outlook

Hear directly from Edwin Conway, Global Head of Equity Private Markets on thoughts about the investment outlook in 2024 and why this is a unique time for private market investors. Read the full outlook to discover the latest insights and perspectives from our private markets senior leaders.

BlackRock is tomorrow’s alternatives platform

Our US$322 billion platform is designed to deliver outperformance with true partnership across a range of investment solutions in: real estate, infrastructure, private equity, credit, hedge funds and alternative solutions. We continue to innovate, leveraging our technology, our scale and our fiduciary model to better serve our clients.
Access to the best opportunities
Access to the best opportunities
Our 800-plus alternative investors supplement their networks and know-how with best-in-class ideas from BlackRock’s other 2,500-plus investors around the world.
Greater transparency
Greater transparency
We use advanced technology to help build stronger portfolios – we track 90,000 unique companies and 40,000 unique properties on eFront.
An integrated view
An integrated view
We provide you with a whole portfolio view so you have a deeper understanding of how alternatives impact the rest of your portfolio.
A new standard of alignment
A new standard of alignment
Our 1,230+ member professional staff works to understand investor needs– and deliver BlackRock’s best use of skill, scale and technology to help you achieve your goals.

Alternative investment strategies

Discover leveraged finance, multi-strategy and credit solutions

$124B client assets

Opportunities include: direct lending, opportunistic, special situations, distressed

Hedge Funds
Solutions across equity, event driven, relative value global macro and risk

$80B client assets

Opportunities include: long/short equity, event driven, relative value, global macro, risk premia, hedge fund solutions

Learn about BlackRock's infrastructure platform

$44B client assets

Opportunity include: infrastructure equity, infrastructure debt, infrastructure solutions, listed infrastructure

Meet BlackRock’s multi-alternative portfolio management team

$12B client assets

Opportunities include: diversified alternatives, alternatives solutions

Private Equity
Explore direct, co-investment, primary and secondary private equity

$36B client assets

Opportunities include: direct co-investments, primaries, secondaries, open-end direct, direct

Real Estate
Learn about BlackRock's real estate platform

$30B client assets

Opportunity include: real estate deb, real estate equity, real estate securities

BlackRock’s latest alternative investing insights

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Our education program takes you through alternative investing and how you can better understand incorporating this asset class into your portfolio. You will also learn more about opportunities across the full platform, including real estate, infrastructure, credit, private equity and hedge funds.

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The BlackRock Alternatives team of 1400+ dedicated professionals partners with the firm’s multidisciplinary teams and leverages extensive company-wide resources in an effort to deliver consistent returns over the long term.


Edwin N. Conway
Global Head of Equity Private Markets