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Why BlackRock for private equity?

Having invested in private equity since 1999, we understand that today’s market is bigger, more complex, and more important than ever to our clients. Our platform is designed to deliver persistent outperformance and align our strategies with client objectives. We invest globally across industries, company life-cycles and private equity disciplines.

Our proven teams offer direct, primary, secondary, and co-investment access to private equity, sharing with clients the advantages that power our broader alternatives platform.

  • Global reach drives our strong, differentiated deal-flow.
  • Fiduciary partnership means we deliver efficient exposures tailored to client needs.
  • Insights amplified by analytics and technology power our underwriting and risk management.

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Evolution and innovation in private equity

Following two decades of strong growth, private equity now presents a large collection of strategy offerings and multiple ways to invest. BlackRock has been a major contributor to this evolution, from our role as an early mover in co-investments to our early adoption of ESG policies to our introduction of an innovative, client-aligned direct strategy.  

This timeline depicts the history of private equity at BlackRock.


Source: BlackRock, for illustrative purposes only.

Private equity investment strategies

Our approaches span the private equity toolkit, offering investors exposure to PE through direct, primary, secondary, and co-investment strategies. While the approaches differ, they share the strengths of a common platform as they seek to deliver top quartile performance across investment cycles.

Direct private equity
BlackRock’s Long Term Private Capital (LTPC) strategy is positioned at the center of investors’ need for greater alignment, shrinking public listings and the capital needs of companies seeking sustained growth.
Learn more about LTPC Learn more about LTPC
Direct private equity
We have been leaders in co-investments since 2001. More than half of co-investment capital has gone into pre-bid transactions, enabling us to do deeper due diligence, have stronger influence on results and obtain scalable allocations.
We take a systematic approach, with long-term pipeline visibility based on comprehensive market coverage. Robust portfolio planning enables diversification across managers, vintages, strategies/stages, geographies, sectors and sizes.
Investors buy shares in PE funds on the secondary market to access more mature assets, diversify their portfolios and capitalize on market dislocations. Our experienced secondaries team leverages BlackRock’s advantages to deliver on all fronts.

Broad-based industry expertise

Our private equity investors supplement their deep sector expertise with insights gained from BlackRock’s unmatched reach in public markets. As they screen, underwrite and manage investments, our experts draw on specialized knowledge of industry dynamics and apply lessons learned in past market cycles.

This graphic highlights the industry sectors that BlackRock’s private equity team invests in.


Source: BlackRock, for illustrative purposes only.

Meet our team

Our private equity investors have extensive experience and strong records of achievement in the industry. Having invested across multiple cycles, they are well equipped to help clients build resilient PE portfolios.

Key stats about BlackRock’s private equity team.


Source: BlackRock, as of September 31, 2019.

Russell Steenberg
Global Head of BlackRock Private Equity Partners
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Lynn Baranski
Global Head of Co-investments
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Andre Bourbonnais
Global Head of Long Term Private Capital
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Steve Lessar
Co-Head of Secondaries and Liquidity Solutions
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Konnin Tam
Co-Head of Secondaries and Liquidity Solutions
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BlackRock's latest private equity insights

Mastering private equity with the BlackRock Educational Academy (BEA)

BlackRock’s private equity team help debunk common myths as it relates to drivers of performance, the use of secondaries as a portfolio management tool and also walk through case examples within primary, secondary, and co-investment examples.

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