Endowments and foundations

Endowments and Foundations

We understand the challenges that endowments and foundations face, particularly the need to achieve spending targets in today’s low-return environment. To help, we offer a full range of investment strategies across public and private markets, as well as a leading outsourced CIO (OCIO) platform.
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How we partner with endowments and foundations to help them reach their goals

Re-thinking portfolio construction
Re-thinking portfolio construction
The rules of active management are changing. We help E&Fs understand their true sources of risk and return, how their managers fit together, and how to increase efficiency.
Optimizing private markets allocations
Optimizing private markets allocations
As the risk/return tradeoff in private markets has become increasingly asymmetric, we believe E&Fs need to take new approaches to illiquid assets to generate consistency.
Focusing on sustainability
Focusing on sustainability
We believe that sustainable investing offers a return advantage that allows E&Fs to seek greater alignment between their portfolios and their organizational missions.

Learn more about how BlackRock partners with endowments and foundations

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Investment strategies designed to help endowments and foundations achieve their objectives

Our dedicated endowments and foundations team leverages the depth and breadth of BlackRock to deliver investment solutions that are aligned with E&F priorities. From re-thinking portfolio construction to optimizing private markets allocations to focusing on sustainability, our E&F clients use BlackRock’s full spectrum of public and private markets strategies to help reach their goals.

BlackRock’s latest insights for endowment and foundation investors


    Renewables are proving resilient

    May 6, 2020 | By BlackRock
    How E&Fs may capitalize on the global energy transition with investments in wind and solar during the current downturn.
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    Opportunities amid equity market dislocation

    Apr 22, 2020 | By BlackRock
    Insights on how the coronavirus has affected the equity outlook and where we see opportunity for E&Fs in technology and healthcare.
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    The reshaping of credit markets

    Apr 17, 2020 | By BlackRock
    How extraordinary monetary policy, including TALF, is creating opportunities in credit markets for E&Fs.
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    Why private equity secondaries may soon pick up

    Apr 15, 2020 | By BlackRock
    How E&Fs may benefit from a significant increase in private equity secondary market transactions in the months ahead.
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    OCIO at an Inflection Point

    Mar 13, 2019 | By BlackRock
    Cerulli research shows why many E&Fs have adopted the OCIO model and how the market for OCIO services is evolving.
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    Sustainability: The tectonic shift transforming investing

    Feb 27, 2020 | By BlackRock
    A commonly held view is that E&Fs need to sacrifice returns when adopting sustainable investing. We disagree – and in fact believe the opposite is true.
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    How smaller endowments make do

    Feb 6, 2020 | By BlackRock
    Smaller endowments usually can’t land high-powered private equity or hedge fund investments. An OCIO partner may help.
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Meet our endowments and foundations team

With regional offices throughout the U.S. and Canada, BlackRock’s dedicated endowments and foundations team serves as a central point of contact for investment and risk management.

Brian Feurtado
Head of Endowments and Foundations and Family Offices
+1 (212) 810-3619, brian.feurtado@blackrock.com
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Suzanne Peck
Head of Endowments and Foundations
+1 (212) 810-7589, suzanne.peck@blackrock.com
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Willie Alford
Managing Director, Endowments and Foundations
+1 (415) 670-2353, willie.alford@blackrock.com
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Common questions from endowments and foundations

  • BlackRock is a fiduciary to endowment and foundation clients. Our team offers institutionally scaled investment services that range from single mandates to multi-asset solutions to OCIO partnerships; tailored portfolio analytics leveraging Aladdin technology and market insights provided through research reports and investment forums.

  • Yes, the BlackRock Educational Academy was launched in 2013 with the objective of facilitating the training needs of BlackRock’s institutional clients. Contact us to learn about the BlackRock Educational Academy.

  • We offer a variety of events – including calls, workshops, forums and conferences – that allow endowment and foundation professionals to engage in debate around topical issues and to make better informed investment decisions. Contact us to learn about events for endowments and foundations.

  • BlackRock’s scale is its key competitive advantage - it allows access to a plethora of information and insights that enable unrivaled risk management. Our Aladdin platform combines sophisticated risk analytics with comprehensive portfolio management, trading and operations tools to power informed decision-making and effective risk management.

  • We have a comprehensive, $215B alternatives platform that seeks to deliver outperformance with true partnership.  We offer endowment and foundation clients access to high-quality opportunities across real estate, infrastructure, private equity, credithedge funds and multi-alternative solutions. Global reach across private and public markets powers our sourcing, and industry-leading technology delivers improved transparency on investments.

  • Our purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. In pursuit of this, we have embedded a focus on long-term sustainability across the entirety of our business. From integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices into our investment processes to creating positive social impact by serving communities throughout the US and Canada, we are dedicated to helping clients, employees, shareholders and communities achieve long-term, financial well-being.

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