Systematic investing

Systematic investing

Systematic investing is an investment approach that emphasizes data-driven insights, scientific testing, and disciplined portfolio construction techniques to seek varied portfolio outcomes.
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Why BlackRock for systematic investing?

BlackRock’s systematic investment platform spans equity, fixed income, and factors-based approaches that combines cutting-edge technology, scientific research, and human insight in the relentless pursuit of investment performance.
Empowered by data & technology
We use vast datasets and technological innovation to find investment insights amidst market complexity.
Guided by science
We vigorously test and validate ideas through a deliberate scientific method to continuously refine and redefine our approach.
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Enlighted by experience
We draw on 35 years of experience, augmented by intellectual curiosity and diverse thought, to inform our investment process every step of the way.

Systematic Investing: Investing, Evolved

Discover how systematic investing is built for today’s investment challenges. By utilizing distinct return sources returns, pursuing big data insights, and integrating ESG considerations, systematic investing is different by design.
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Systematic strategies

With combined capabilities that span factor-based and alpha-seeking investment solutions across equities, fixed income and alternative strategies, BlackRock’s Systematic Investing platform delivers tailored investment approaches for a wide gamut of institutional client needs. By separating sources of returns into directional (beta & factors) and idiosyncratic (alpha) components, we can seek highly customizable return streams to help meet specific risk, reward and diversification properties.


Equity strategies at BlackRock
Single style factor

Strategies that provide exposure to individual factors such as quality, value, momentum, and low volatility.

Multi-factor and factor rotation

Strategies that seek to provide enhanced return potential over market benchmark by investing in multiple style factors.

Systematic active

Strategies that seek to provide consistent excess returns over benchmarks. They utilize proprietary signals based on advanced big data analysis techniques and are grounded in rigorous research.

Fixed income

Fixed income strategies at BlackRock

Corporate bond strategies that seek to invest in a broad portfolio of securities that closely resemble a capitalization-weighted index, while removing issuers at greatest risk of downgrades.

Blended style factors

Investment grade and high yield strategies using factor insights to target high quality and undervalued securities to seek improved risk-adjusted returns.

Multi-sector bond

Strategies that seek high quality alpha through a consistent, repeatable process that validates fundamentally oriented market insights with quantitative research.

Multi-asset and alternatives

Multi-asset and alternative strategies at BlackRock
Risk parity

Multi-asset strategies built by diversifying across sources of risk rather than by asset class.

Absolute return

Strategies that seek to deliver uncorrelated alpha through long/short investing.


Strategies that employ our best investment ideas using multiple, independent, and risk-managed quantitative models. They seek uncorrelated returns to asset classes like equities and fixed income.

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ESG integration

ESG integration is one of our top priorities in investment research and innovation. As systematic investors, our quantitatively-driven investment process can explicitly balance a number of complex portfolio considerations — incorporating estimates of risk, return and correlation alongside ESG-related metrics.

Systematic strategies can meaningfully integrate sustainable investment considerations in three distinct ways.

Portfolio implementation

Sustainable investing at BlackRock

Seek to align a portfolio with investor preferences by removing controversial securities


Seek a more sustainable portfolio by targeting improvements along ESG and carbon intensity dimensions


Seek incremental returns or mitigate potential downside risks in a portfolio through ESG-related insights

An industry leader in systematic platform and talent

Platform combines BlackRock’s quantitative alpha-seeking and factor-based capabilities to help deliver investment solutions for the whole portfolio.

Key stats about BlackRock Systematic Investing team

Source: BlackRock, all data as of December 2022. AUM is in $USD.

Meet the leadership team

Raffaele Savi
Head of BlackRock Systematic Investing
Raffaele Savi, Managing Director, is the Head of BlackRock’s Systematic Investing and Co-CIO of Systematic Active Equity (SAE).
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Jeff Shen, PhD
Co-CIO of Systematic Active Equity
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Andrew Ang, PhD
Head of Factors, Sustainable and Solutions for BlackRock Systematic
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Tom Parker
CIO of Systematic Fixed Income
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