Strategic plan design

You work hard to maximize the effectiveness of your retirement plan. Yet when it’s time to evaluate plan changes, you may not be able to fully quantify the impact they may have on participants’ retirement readiness. BlackRock's technology analyzes current and proposed plan features to help you understand, prioritize and advocate for changes to your plan design.

BlackRock’s technology can show projected impact on participants’ potential balances at retirement.

For illustrative purposes only.

BlackRock can provide an empirically grounded means of testing the potential effects of specific plan design changes. For example, measuring and analyzing the effects of autofeatures, or projecting participant outcomes of current plan defaults.

Contact us for analysis on:

  • Increasing low participation or savings rates
  • Driving retirement readiness
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the QDIA
  • Exploring the impact of auto-enrollment or auto-escalation
  • Assessing the impact of fees over time

Explore Future in Focus®

Learn how BlackRock’s Future in Focus tool can provide data-driven plan design analysis.