Participant engagement

With over 20 years of defined contribution participant communications experience, we strive to assist plan sponsors with helping participants understand and take advantage of the benefits offered through their DC plan. Our resources can help plan sponsors engage participants through different phases of their careers by connecting retirement savings to holistic financial well-being.

From understanding target date strategies to promoting plan design enhancementswe can help serve as an extension to plan sponsors that are seeking to communicate change and drive engagement.

Support throughout the retirement journey


Early career

Go for growth. Account growth comes from two sources: contributions and investment returns. Our goal is to help plan sponsors encourage participants to start saving and choose an investment strategy that aligns with their objectives.

In their early careers, participants should go for growth.



To retirement

Balance risk and return. As the retirement journey continues, we encourage plan sponsors to help participants evaluate their investment strategy so they can continue to save while effectively balancing risk and return.

On their path to retirement, participants should balance risk and return.



Through retirement

Plan for retirement income. We are focused on providing a suite of resources to assist plan sponsors with helping participants consider how to use their nest egg as they look to create a plan for spending and budgeting through retirement.

Throughout their retirement, participants should plan for income opportunities.



Retirement resources

Educational videos
Educational videos
Help participants close the gap with short videos designed to help them grasp key investment concepts.
Financial wellness suite
Financial wellness suite
Explore resources organized to help participants confidently navigate every step of their journey towards retirement.
LifePath® Spending Tool
LifePath® Spending Tool
Helps current retirees estimate their retirement spending potential in the calendar year and over a lifetime based on three inputs.