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Retirement simplified

At BlackRock, our mission is to help you navigate retirement, from saving and investing to spending. Knowledge is the best tool you can have. This video series can help you understand the different strategies when it comes to saving for retirement.

About our retirement educational videos

Individuals are living longer than ever and saving for retirement can be challenging. As a result, many will likely face a gap between the savings they put aside and the income they really want each year in retirement. Learn about retirement and how to help prepare for it with short videos that explain key investing concepts.

Pay your future self first

When it comes to taking action to save for your retirement, the more you focus on things you can control, the better.

LifePath® target date funds explained

LifePath target date funds seek to provide a diversified investment that balances between growing your investment and protecting against risk to help advance your retirement goals.

Saving for retirement in today’s world

It's getting harder to picture the future, and to feel prepared for retirement. That’s why so many of us may need help through different life stages to help achieve better financial outcomes.