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Built for all markets

You can’t predict how many bulls and bears you’ll see from now through retirement. But you can pick LifePath®, the target date fund that’s built for both.

  • Deeply researched to meet the real-world needs of retirement investors
  • The target date fund choice for 20% of Fortune 100 companies*
  • “On the forefront of the target-date industry” according to Morningstar

Target date funds have more than one job to do. First, they have to grow savings by managing decades of risks and returns. They may also soften the downside of tough markets - especially as retirement appears on the horizon. As the first target date fund, LifePath has seen investors through more market ups and downs than any other target date fund. But we remain focused on the challenges ahead through a deep commitment to research into every aspect of retirement investing.

No matter what the market throws at it…

LifePath is real-world tested through good times and bad. It’s built to seek lower volatility while still delivering lifecycle returns on par with risky target date funds.

Comparable performance with less volatility

1 LifePath Index Retirement Fund K-Share Class
2 Source: Morningstar, as of March 31, 2019.
Annualized 5 year return and standard deviation difference between each vintage of LifePath
Index K Shares and their respective Morningstar U.S. Fund Target Date category.