Target date strategies

Choice built on a foundation of research and experience

In the more than 25 years since BlackRock introduced LifePath®, the first target date strategy, our goal has remained the same: helping plan sponsors guide their participants successfully into retirement.

Since then, nearly everything else about retirement has changed – from investment strategies to economic trends and regulatory requirements. To assist plan sponsors with helping their participants remain in a diversified, age-appropriate portfolio at every stage of their careers, we build on that foundation through deep research into how people earn, save and spend throughout their lifetime, as well as investment in our robust risk analytics and investment platform.

BlackRock’s target date strategies offer a unique combination of extensive experience, advanced strategic insights and flexible investment implementations. We can work with plan sponsors to serve their participants and meet their plan’s objectives with:

  • Low cost, efficient index implementations from the world’s leading index provider*.
  • Index building blocks that have been optimized to increase exposure to ESG factors.
  • Solutions designed to provide simplified access to lifetime income throughout retirement.
  • Active management through a rigorous portfolio construction and risk budgeting process.
  • Custom solutions to meet unique demographics or investment objectives.

Flexible glidepath options

Equity levels across the glidepath can drive dramatic return differences. Plan sponsors can explore simplified customization through three glidepath options.

GlidePath comparison

Multiple glidepath options offer a simplified custom tailoring to plan sponsors.

For illustrative purposes only.