Index equity

In an uncertain world, we believe index-tracking strategies have a role in many institutional investors’ portfolios. As the world’s largest index manager, our aim is to support clients by providing market exposure in the most efficient manner.

Our index investment process is anything but passive. Delivering benchmark returns consistently and accurately requires thousands of complex decisions. We believe our clients benefit from our detailed benchmark knowledge, efficient trading and robust performance analysis, underpinned by rigorous risk management.

Why choose BlackRock?

Focus on efficient beta

Our aim is to provide clients with accurate exposure in an efficient, risk-controlled manner across all markets. Low tracking error, transparent pricing and best execution of trades are the tenets of our approach.


As the first index manager, BlackRock has a track record as an experienced and innovative provider of index strategies. For example, we developed pioneering synthetic beta solutions to help support alpha/beta separation.

Scale and scope

Our Index Equity strategies span the world’s investable markets, giving clients the ability to precisely target the exposure they require. Institutional investors can choose from pure beta exposure or strategies benchmarked against non-capitalization weighted indices, such as minimum volatility, defensive, fundamental, GDP, income-focused and economic exposure indices.

Constant evolution

We constantly look for potential improvements to our existing strategies and pioneer new markets and methodologies to offer clients potential solutions.

Innovation is at the core of our approach. We seek to adapt to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and complex market environment. The result is a full spectrum of global index products which clients can use to gain efficient, cost effective exposure to specific market segments or entire markets.

Institutional Indexing strategies include:

  • Developed Markets
  • Emerging Markets
  • Frontier Markets
  • Commodities Markets
  • REITs
  • ETFs