BlackRock Infrastructure seeks to provide investors with long-term, stable cash flows with potential for inflation mitigation through our proprietary origination strategy, industry expertise and fiduciary business model.


Platform Philosophy

At BlackRock Infrastructure, we believe that investment strategies should be structured with a clearly defined risk profile aligned with investors’ goals. Following the global financial crisis, infrastructure investing shifted from a generic private equity risk allocation to a more defined allocation to take into account the varying risk profiles of infrastructure assets. BlackRock Infrastructure offers strategies across the risk/return spectrum, assisting investors to invest for outcomes.

Investment Access

BlackRock Infrastructure’s origination advantage stems from four critical areas:

  1. BlackRock global real assets footprintWith 340+ people across 25 offices globally*, we benefit from independent access to local industry networks and investment opportunities.
  2. Trusted partner to sponsors: 20+ years of established long-standing relationships with sponsors and industry participants leading to exclusive repeat business opportunities.
  3. First call for banks: As one of the largest counterparties for leading banks and broker-dealers, BlackRock is one of the first calls when accessing selectively marketed investment opportunities.
  4. Partnering with policy makers and C-suite: BlackRock’s exclusive access to senior executives and leaders at a government and corporate level offers market insight and may result in off-market deal flow.

Key statistics*

$11 billion+
14 offices in 11 countries

*Source: BlackRock as of 31 March 2018; Professionals includes support staff

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