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Vive la différence

The multilingual Stefan Gries, co-manager of BlackRock’s Greater Europe Investment Trust, brings a pan-European perspective to the search for companies with a differentiated product-offering that are primed for growth.

Stefan Gries

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As a German national and fluent Spanish speaker who lives in Scotland, Stefan brings a multi-country perspective to BlackRock’s European equity research. He settled in Edinburgh having gained a master’s degree in Economics and Spanish from the University of St Andrews in Fife, and has worked at BlackRock for more than a decade. “In that time, I’ve covered 10 different sectors in Europe, scouring the whole market for the best ideas,” he says. “I started my career focusing on small- and mid-cap stocks, so I also bring that perspective. What we’re looking for are differentiated businesses that have the power to grow earnings irrespective of overriding market conditions.” Stefan says the process is key. “Building in-depth knowledge around an investment case is essential as you will always be tested by the market and other market participants. You have to be convinced about the stock and why you feel it can work in the long term. This way, you can identify when the investment case has changed or when it is simply market rhetoric driving share prices, which helps to reduce unforced errors and avoid over-trading.”

Obviously, he adds, it can be challenging to keep that conviction when the market is moving against you as often happens during periods of heightened risk, such as from political uncertainty. “Events can dominate the market narrative at these times,” he says. “While we believe company fundamentals drive share prices over the long-term, we do accept that sometimes they can be challenged and tested over shorter periods.”

stefan gries

For Stefan, it’s the companies the Trust spots early in their growth story that bring the greatest satisfaction. Typically, these are mid-cap names with a differentiated product-offering that can propel – and then sustain – growth.

He cites a number of mid-cap medical technology names, one of which focuses on the outsourcing of drug manufacturing with a competitive advantage in high-margin complex drugs such as biologics. Another operates in the dental-implant sector, with a best-in-class product portfolio that allows it to take a share in a growing market. “We believe both have strong growth trajectories spanning many years,” says Stefan. “We are able to find these companies as we have a team of 21 who constantly scour the European market for the best investment opportunities.”

Europe is home to a wide range of businesses and going to visit these companies at their offices or production sites provides tremendous insight and learning opportunities. “We have to ensure that every idea in the portfolio is of the highest quality and likely to deliver outperformance over the medium- to long-term,” he says.

Living in Scotland allows Stefan to indulge his hobbies of collecting whiskies and open-water swimming at a nearby beach, although with three small children and the challenges presented by the local weather, he admits he does struggle to find the time. Above all, though, he says he loves testing out investment ideas and taking an in-depth view of some of the most interesting companies in Europe.

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