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New regime, New opportunities

Markets are adjusting to the new regime and its implications - especially higher macro volatility - as the sharp rise in bond yields shows. We look through the short-term noise to tap into the abundant - yet different - investment opportunities on offer. In particular, we get granular within asset classes and harness mega forces.

The institutions we serve

BlackRock's global consultant relations team partners with regional, national and global investment consultants.
Endowments, foundations and statutory boards
We understand the challenges that foundations, endowments and statutory boards face, particularly the need to achieve spending targets.
Family offices
We help family offices achieve their objectives across private and public markets.
Insurers and financial institutions
Our partnership with insurers spans over 25 years and is grounded in tailored investment and risk management solutions.
Official institutions
We work with central banks, sovereign funds, finance ministries, future generation funds and multilateral organizations.

Alternatives are essential

As allocations grow, alternative investments play an increasingly critical role in portfolios. The need for an approach that is scalable, disciplined, integrated, technology-enabled, transparent and based on fiduciary partnership has never been greater.
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Global weekly commentary

Stay up to date with the latest global weekly commentary provided by the BlackRock Investment Institute.
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