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Think Differently About Income

As we enter a new market regime, investors are faced with unprecedented challenges. Investors and asset managers alike need to think differently about how they are investing for income.

Three investor challenges in their search for income

Likely turn in Fed policy in 2024
“Risk-free” cash trade has a risk: reinvestment risk. Rates tend to fall fast when the Fed stops hiking so the opportunity cost is significant in fixed income.
volatile volcano
Greater macro and market volatility
Greater dispersion of returns calls for an active approach to managing portfolios.
Markets are constantly changing
One-and done strategies may no longer work in the future.

Think Differently About Income

We therefore need to think differently about how we are investing for income.
Ratio Percentage
Focus on generating higher income
low votality
Use volatility to your advantage
Stay nimble and be diversified
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Why Asian Bonds


Relatively attractive yields

Asian credit continue to generate higher risk-adjusted yields than global counterparts.2


Stable macro and credit fundamentals in Asia

Asia economic growth forecasts are strong relative to broader emerging markets and the developed markets. Asia investment grade credit fundamentals remain resilient while Asia high yield default rate is expected to moderate.3


Supportive technicals

Negative net financing and local bias of the asset class enhance its stability.4

Why Multi-Asset


Broadens opportunity set to find compelling income

With the challenging market events in recent months, tapping into multiple sources can help deliver income.


Manage risks through diversification

Diversifying across a broad range of asset classes can help manage volatility.


Flexibility to adapt to changing markets

Investors must be ready to adapt to ongoing inflationary pressures, growth concerns, and market volatility.

BlackRock Dynamic High Income Fund

Consistently seeking high income in an inconsistent world
colourful tops representing diversification in investing

Why Global Bonds


Yields at decade highs with opportunities across the board

Nearly 75% of fixed income markets yield above 4% vs. less than a quarter at start of 20221.


Flexibility to adapt to changing markets

Active sector and security selection allows investors to take advantage of attractive income opportunities.


Portfolio protection

Global investment grade bonds provide investors with high quality exposure which may protect total portfolio returns during volatile markets.

Why Equity Income


Beneficiaries of higher rates

With higher interest rates likely in the short and medium term, we see attractive dividend payers whose business models directly benefit from higher interest rates, such as financials.


Focus on quality businesses

Our equity income strategies focus on quality dividend paying companies with attractive valuations to deliver attractive and reliable dividend yield. Incorporating valuation has historically led to superior returns, with the top 20% of the HOLT quality universe recording 15.4% annualized return.5


Resilience dividend payers

Dividend-paying companies have historically weathered diverse market conditions better over the long term, returning 10.8% vs 7.8% for non-dividend payers since 2003.6

BlackRock Systematic Global Equity High Income Fund

Targeting a high income at lower volatility versus traditional global equity portfolios
Rainbow colored threads through needle eyelet, symbolizing diverse income sources

Why Real Assets


Diversifying returns

Diversify portfolio returns, with traditional real estate and infrastructure delivering liquidity, immediate exposure and inflation-hedging potential.


Megatrends driving real asset space

We see technology, urbanization and climate change as powerful, transformative forces that impact the global economy, business and society – influencing our investment decisions.


Fast growing alternative investment

Real estate investments are physical assets such as offices, data centres and self-storage spaces with clearly defined earnings and income.

Our recent accolades

It’s our honour to be awarded across asset classes and strategies in service to your investing needs


Why BlackRock for Income?

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Breadth of Expertise
Our market access and scale extend across regions, asset classes and investment styles, enabling you to achieve your optimal income allocation.
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Flexible Implementation
We seek to deliver income in various forms. Our funds can fit as a core, satellite or tactical allocation into your portfolio, preferences and investment goals.
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Focus on Risk Management
Our in-house technology and dedicated risk and quantitative analytics teams help mitigate unwanted surprises.

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