Our 2023 Global Outlook: A new investment playbook

The new regime of greater economic and market volatility is not going away – and it requires a new investment playbook. In our 2023 Global Outlook, we discuss three new investment themes: Pricing the damage, Rethinking bonds, and Living with inflation. Read the full report for details, charts, and investment implications.

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Larry Fink on the transformative power of choice in proxy voting
In a new letter, Larry discusses enhancing governance by injecting important new voices into shareholder democracy.
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It’s time to rethink your fixed income with iShares ETFs

There’s a bigger role for fixed income ETFs in today’s portfolios

BlackRock in Singapore
BlackRock offers a range of solutions for institutions, financial professionals and individuals. From shop assistants in your local stores to national organisations and non-profits, BlackRock has helped people take control of their financial security for over three decades.
BlackRock in Singapore