About BlackRock in Singapore

Actually, it is about you

We help millions of people invest to build savings that serve them throughout their lives. We’re making investing easier and more affordable. And we’re contributing to a more inclusive, resilient economy.


All in support of our purpose to help more and more people experience financial well-being.


So when we talk about ourselves, it's really about the people and companies who put their trust in us.

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We are more than just investors

We’re innovators – always searching for more ways to put investing within reach of more people.

We’re fiduciaries – putting the investing needs and goals of our clients ahead of our own.

We’re local – we have had a local presence for over 20 years, bringing Singaporeans closer to their investment goals. 

employees in Singapore across 29 nationalities1
markets served in Southeast Asia
volunteer hours contributed to local communities in 20222
trillion USD in global assets under management1
countries with BlackRock offices1

1. BlackRock, as of March 2023
2. BlackRock Singapore Gives Report, as of December 2022. Hours are contributed through BlackRock Gives employee network group

At BlackRock, our purpose is to help more people experience financial well-being. The money we manage is not our own – it belongs to everyday people across Southeast Asia: nurses, teachers, firemen, and many others planning their financial futures. We’ve been helping clients in APAC for over thirty years achieve their investment goals, from institutions that manage pensions for Singaporeans, to developing customized Shariah-compliant retirement savings plans for investors in Malaysia.

One structural trend clients ask about is the low-carbon transition. The scale of investments needed in APAC for the transition is massive. In Southeast Asia alone US$2 trillion worth of investments are needed over the next decade to build sustainable infrastructure that can help reduce the region’s emissions. 40% of these investments will need to come from the private sector. So, we’re developing new ways for investors to adopt transition finance into their portfolios. This is to provide late-stage venture capital to fund decarbonization, and capturing opportunities emerging around low-carbon mobility and production, green hydrogen, and fuels.

We’re keenly aware that investing is ultimately about people. And our work goes beyond dollars and cents to find ways to contribute to the communities in which we operate. We work directly with over 9 social beneficiaries in Singapore to help scale financial literacy, upskill disadvantaged groups and enable access to education.

It takes courage to think long-term. That’s why we’re partnering with clients more than ever before to help navigate the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

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It takes courage to think long-term. That’s why we’re partnering with clients more than ever before to help navigate the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

Deborah Ho
Country Head of Singapore & Head of Southeast Asia

We stand for accountability – to ourselves and others

Long-term value creation through investment stewardship

A company's stance on ethics, sustainability and diversity issues can have a direct impact on its long-term success, which is why we engage with them for greater transparency.

We engage with companies to inform our voting and promote sound corporate governance that is consistent with long-term financial value creation.

Making prosperity possible for more people

Social impact at BlackRock consists of distinct pillars including The BlackRock Foundation and employee engagement programs.