Credit is a core pillar of BlackRock’s alternatives platform. BlackRock’s US$121 billion global credit platform has a long history of seeking to deliver client outcomes aligned to objectives across public and private credit markets.

Why BlackRock for credit?

The coronavirus shock is fundamentally reshaping the investment landscape, and credit may be called upon to play a larger role in fulfilling investors’ income and capital growth needs. In periods of greater economic uncertainty where risks remain high and markets volatile, achieving superior risk-adjusted results through the credit cycle requires a different kind of partner. BlackRock’s global credit platform seeks to deliver outperformance with true partnership.

Fundamental bottom-up
Fundamental bottom-up investors powered by a global platform
We combine deep and local expertise to drive analysis and decision-making enabling us the opportunity to generate returns that drive resilient portfolios.
Superior access
Superior access to quality investment opportunities
Our scale, deep networks in liquid and illiquid markets, and a brand that makes us a preferred partner for companies seeking capital are core to our ability to generate alpha.
Insights amplified
Insights amplified with analytics and technology
A market-leading analytics and technology enable our information edge, resulting in greater transparency, better investment decisions, and more robust portfolio construction.

Global Credit Forum

BlackRock’s Global Credit Forum Hub hosts a series of content showcasing insights from leading industry authorities, former high-level policymakers, company executives and credit investors shared during the conference.
Credit Forum

Learn more about credit investing at BlackRock

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One shared investment philosophy and process

We are fundamentally investing across global credit markets while integrating the vast investment and technology resources of BlackRock to seek attractive risk-adjusted results.

Deep credit investment expertise with breadth of global resources not commonly found in credit boutiques

One shared investment philosophy

BlackRock, as of September 14, 2020. For illustrative purposes only.

A full suite of credit solutions

We invest in a range of investment opportunities with varying risk, return, liquidity and time horizon. Our platform is aligned globally across three investment pillars – leveraged finance, multi-strategy credit and private credit.

  • Leveraged finance: One of the market-leading platforms in high yield, bank loan and CLO investing
  • Multi-strategy credit: Flexible opportunities for owning credit throughout the cycle in public, public-private blended and long/short strategies
  • Private credit: Deep and experienced teams investing across US, European and Asian private markets in direct lending, opportunistic and event-driven strategies
credit solutions

Source: BlackRock, as of June 30, 2019. For illustrative purposes only.

BlackRock’s latest credit investing insights

Learn about credit investing with the BlackRock Educational Academy (BEA)

BEA introduces how to invest in credit across both public and private markets. In addition, how to course credit opportunities in private markets and to include it as part of your whole portfolio.   Nitin and Olivia, please provide 2-3 sentence introduction to credit within BEA.

Unlock the full BEA video library

BlackRock clients can now login to access the full trainings on-demand. We invite you to experience the full educational academy by logging into our secure online portal.

Sessions now available on-demand

Meet the BlackRock team

BlackRock’s credit platform currently manages over US$121 billion in assets in assets among 210+ professionals with 20+ years of average investment experience across 19 offices globally.

Meet the BlackRock team

Source: BlackRock, as of June 30, 2020. Average years of expertise reflected at Director and Managing Director levels.

Global leadership

Jimmy Keenan
Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer and Global Head of Credit
Jimmy Keenan is CIO and Global Head of Credit within BlackRock Alternative Investors (BAI). He leads the strategy for Global Fundamental Credit.

APAC senior investors

Neeraj Seth
Head of Asian Credit
Neeraj Seth leads the strategy for Asian Credit and is responsible for overseeing the investment process, performance, and setting strategic direction of the platform.
Celia Yan
Head of China, APAC Private Credit
Celia Yan is responsible for sourcing deals and managing portfolio for private credit investments in China, as well as providing strategy and road map for the platform.
Justin Ferrier
Head of Developed APAC, APAC Private Credit
Justin Ferrier is responsible for sourcing, deploying and managing portfolio for private credit investments in Australia and other developed markets in Asia.
Artur Piasecki
Lead Portfolio Manager, Asian Liquid Credit
Artur Piasecki is the lead portfolio manager for high yield funds and a key member of other Asian credit strategies.
Rajat Agrawal
Head of India, APAC Private Credit
Rajat Agrawal is responsible for sourcing, deploying and managing portfolio for private credit investments in India.
Sarah Percy-Dove
Head of Credit Research, APAC FI
Sarah Percy-Dove is responsible for conducting credit research for Asia-Pacific for our credit investment teams.
Christopher Ganis
Head of Indonesia, APAC Private Credit
Chris Ganis is responsible for sourcing, deploying and managing portfolio for private credit investments in Southeast Asia with a focus on Indonesia.
Dhruva Agarwal
Director, APAC Private Credit
Dhruva Agarwal is responsible for sourcing, deploying and monitoring private credit investment opportunities in India.
Eric Liu
Portfolio Manager, Asian Credit
Eric Liu is responsible for leading and conducting investment analysis on China onshore credit.
Ronie Ganguly, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Asian Credit
Ronie Ganguly is a senior member of the fixed income team instrumental in managing portfolio of investments in India and South East Asia.
Suanjin Tan
Director, Asian Credit
Suanjin Tan is a credit portfolio manager responsible for investments in China (offshore and onshore) and other high yield credit strategies in Asia.
Venn Saltirov, CFA
Portfolio Manager and Lead Analyst, Asian Credit
Venn Saltirov is ESG Investment lead for Asia Credit and is lead research analyst for Asia (ex. China) corporates and quasi-sovereigns.

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