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About BlackRock Retirement Institute

The BlackRock Retirement Institute (BRI) is BlackRock’s flagship thought leadership platform established to enable our clients and broader community to make better decisions toward a financially secure and dignified retirement.

While lifespans have increased dramatically over the last several decades, the way the world thinks and acts to address this new reality has yet to catch up. We at BlackRock recognize this emerging revolution—its challenges, its opportunities—and through BRI we join our voice with the voices of other experts to create and amplify some of the best thinking on retirement and longevity.

As the world’s largest asset manager1—with two-thirds of the funds we manage related to retirement—BlackRock understands that our firm has a special responsibility to assist people all over the globe to live out their later years with dignity and security. An essential component of that is helping governments, institutions and individuals understand and take action in response to this new phase in mankind’s history—that’s what BRI is here to do.

BRI seeks the views of experts—inside and outside both the firm and financial services sector—that will help us transcend the old life-script and adjust to the new longevity blessing.

As societies grow older and individuals are blessed with longer lives, maintaining our health—financial, mental, physical—ushers in unchartered waters for all of us.
Bruce Wolfe

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