How technology is coding our future

Mar 28, 2017 / by Karina Saade & Sarah Schaffer & Woo Fung Kwong

While there is an incredible velocity of innovation today, there is also an incredible ability to be disrupted through the constant changes and ideas growing and challenging current players in the ecosystem. The disruptors are being disrupted.

While financial services as a whole has not been disrupted to the degree as other industries have been, it is essential to understand – how significant of a disruptive force is technology? Karina Saade, COO of Latin America and Iberia, leads a panel with Woo Fung Kwong and Sarah Schaffer as they explore the three dominant disruptive trends in technology today and how our industry is evolving to stay ahead of the curve.


Karina Saade
COO of Latin America and Iberia
Karina Saade, Managing Director, is COO of Latin America and Iberia. She is also responsible for the region’s Product Development and Business Strategy ...
Woo Fung Kwong
Head of the Aladdin Risk for Wealth Management (ARWM) business within BlackRock Solutions (BRS)
Woo Fung Kwong, Managing Director, is the Head of Aladdin Risk for Wealth Management (ARWM) business with BlackRock Solutions (BRS). Mr. Kwong and his team are ...
Sarah Schaffer
Deputy of the Aladdin Product Management Team
Sarah Schaffer, Managing Director, is a member of Aladdin Product Management within the Aladdin Product Group, as serves as deputy of the Product Management ...