Saving for retirement

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Saving for a Longer Life Retirement

Retirement investment strategies by age

Your investment strategy should be adjusted throughout every stage in life. Learn which investing strategy may be age appropriate for you. Read full article

Living longer in retirement

Given the prospect of what could be a very long life, you want to make sure your retirement planning today will help boost the odds that you will have ample retirement income that will last. Here are some strategies to consider. Read full article

10 considerations for retirement

Here are 10 things that might surprise you about living longer in retirement. Read full article

Future cost of retirement expenses

What would a beer, burger and movie cost in 2064? The future price of expenses might surprise you. Read full article

Saving for inflation in retirement

If you wanted to buy a cup of coffee each morning, how much money would you need? Begin to think of saving as buying something today that you will use tomorrow. Read full article

Unleashing human capital that comes with living longer

The vast majority of today's older population doesn't plan on retiring as soon as their parents did. Learn about how baby boomers are making a difference in the workplace. Read full article

3 big ways longevity is changing your life

The numbers are clear: We’re in it for the long haul. And while a bigger population of older people could bring challenges around the globe, it also creates unprecedented opportunities – for the economy, employers and all of us individually. Read full article

Retirement Savings Tips

Turning savings into retirement income

Consider these early retirement planning steps to help understand how to turn savings into retirement income. Read full article

Control your savings habits

View this video to learn how to control your savings habits by exploring ways to make savings automatic. Read full article

5 common retirement planning questions

With so many unknowns, it's easy to get overwhelmed about saving for retirement. View this infographic and consider these five big retirement questions. Read full article

7 retirement planning habits

The "secret" to a successful retirement is controlling what you can control. View this video and start controlling your savings habits now. Read full article

Understanding Target Date Funds

What is a target date fund?

Learn more about target date funds, which provide a blend of investments designed to maximize retirement savings based on an investor's investment time horizon and risk tolerance. Watch video

What is a glidepath?

A glidepath is an investment roadmap that a target date fund uses to take you from the beginning of your career into retirement. Watch this video to see how a glidepath maps out your mix of stocks, bonds and other investments. Watch video

What is diversification?

Learn how target date funds can provide a well-diversified investment solution across different types of assets. Watch video

How target date funds help manage inflation

Worried that inflation might spend your retirement money before you do? Watch this video to how target date funds can help manage inflation risk. Watch video


CoRI Retirement Indexes

How can you find out if you’re saving the right amount for the income you want in retirement? Use our retirement calculator, powered by BlackRock’s CoRI Retirement Indexes, to get an estimate.

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