Fixed Income Mutual Funds

Trusted to deliver quality and value in fixed income

In today's low yield, low return environment, consistent performance and low fees are critical to achieve your goals. We strive to provide you with the quality and value you are looking for as made evident through our history of attractive performance, competitive prices, and comprehensive platform. Whether you need bonds for diversification or flexibility, we have the breadth and depth of bond solutions to help you.

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Strong performance

Strong performance



14 of 23 U.S. bond funds, accounting for 88% of assets, have 1st quartile performance*

Low cost

Low Cost



22 of 23 U.S. bond funds, accounting for 95% of assets, are priced in the least
expensive quartile

Most trusted

Most trusted



With one of the widest ranges of bond portfolios in the industry, we are trusted to manage more than any other firm


Bonds are the foundation for a diversified portfolio and play a critical role in periods of heightened volatility. With our comprehensive suite of taxable fixed income solutions, BlackRock can help you with a wide range of investing goals.


Fund Ticker 5 Year Morningstar Quartile Ranking Least Expensive Quartile
Strategic Income Opportunities Fund BSIIX 1st Yes
Total Return Fund MAHQX 1st Yes
Low Duration Bond Fund BFMSX 1st Yes
Core Bond Fund BFMCX 2nd Yes
CoreAlpha Bond Fund BCRIX 3rd Yes
Impact Bond Fund BIIIX - Yes
High Yield Bond Fund BHYIX 1st Yes
Floating Rate Income Fund BFRIX 2nd Yes
Credit Strategies Income Fund BMSIX 2nd Yes

Municipal bonds can help you keep more of what you earn. We offer a range of quality municipal bond solutions that have provided consistent performance and low cost.


Fund Ticker 5 Year Morningstar Quartile Ranking Least Expensive Quartile
National Municipal
Strategic Municipal Opportunities Fund MAMTX 1st
National Municipal Fund MANLX 1st Yes
High Yield Municipal Fund MAYHX 1st Yes
Short-Term Municipal Fund MALMX 4th Yes

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