Managed Accounts

The Benefits of Managed Accounts

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) are the investment vehicle of choice among high net worth individuals seeking sophisticated investment solutions and direct ownership of securities in their accounts.

Establishing an SMA is a consultative process. SMA investors typically work with their Financial Professionals to establish personal objectives and investment plans. SMA owners also may have access to the portfolio manager, a service usually reserved for institutional clients.  A higher level of service than other retail investment solutions is typical, and may include periodic reports summarizing account activity and performance, as well as in-person meetings, conference calls and written commentaries.

Unlike mutual funds, exchange traded funds and other pooled vehicles, SMA investors can:

  • Impose reasonable investment restrictions on the management of their accounts
  • Impose reasonable limits on the amount of gains or losses recognized in their accounts

Why BlackRock Managed
Account Strategies?

Our scale provides more resources working for you. BlackRock is one of the largest managers of SMAs with $72.5 billion in assets under management (AUM).* And, as a fiduciary, we are committed to our relationship with you.

Our Municipal Fixed Income Managed Account Strategies 

Long-Term Municipal Fixed Income

Short-Term Municipal Fixed Income

Intermediate Municipal Fixed Income

Our Multi-Asset Managed Account Strategies 

Multi-Asset Income