Weekly Market Commentary

As markets swing, momentum can be deceiving

BlackRock Global Chief Investment Strategist Russ Koesterich discusses the likelihood that markets will remain volatile, and what that means for stocks, particularly for the momentum theme.

BlackRock Answers

Can bonds blunt the impact of equity volatility?

Despite low yields, bonds can still provide ballast when stock markets wobble. Jeff Rosenberg explains.

Market Perspectives

Gauging the potential impact of the 2016 election

With primary season upon us, investor attention is turning to the U.S. election. Russ Koesterich discusses the potential outcomes and impact of the coming election.

Global Allocation Insight Monthly

The fund was made for these markets

Dan Chamby discusses the portfolio positioning highlights and outlook for the Global Allocation Fund this 2016.

Multi-Asset Income Insight Monthly

An income strategy built for a choppy 2016

Michael Fredericks discusses the team's income strategy and the Multi-Asset Income Fund's outlook for 2016.

Municipal Market Update

New year begins with positive 2015 hangover

As other financial markets wrestled with fear and uncertainty, municipal bonds started off 2016 on solid footing. BlackRock’s Municipals Team offers an overview of recent events and performance in the municipal space.

Point of View with Municipal Bonds Group

New (and old) reasons to love the municipal bond

Municipal bonds emerged as the top-performing fixed income asset class of 2015. With many of the underlying drivers still in place, Peter Hayes and Sean Carney discuss what investors might expect in 2016.


Our speakers

Russ Koesterich Thumbnail

Russ Koesterich, Global Chief Investment Strategist

Jeff Rosenberg MD Thumbnail

Jeffrey Rosenberg, Chief Investment Strategist for Fixed Income

Peter Hayes Thumbnail

Peter Hayes, Head of Municipal Bonds Group

DC Chart of the Week

Knowledge is power in 401(k) saving


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