How to use alternatives

Alternatives are not meant to replace your entire traditional portfolio—they are meant to complement it. Alternative investments provide diverse portfolio outcomes so they can be used in different ways, like to reduce a portfolio’s interest rate risk or to earn a return premium over public markets.

How can I use alternatives

Choose a particular type of alternatives exposure based on the outcome you are seeking.

Find income

Find income

Find contracted cash flows from investments in credit and real estate.

Grow your wealth

Grow your wealth

Target high returns with investments in private equity and real estate.

Reduce portfolio volatility

Reduce portfolio volatility

With low correlation to traditional asset classes, alternatives are a great way to diversify your portfolio and reduce volatility.

How to buy alternatives

If you are considering investing in alternatives, identifying a partner with the resources to support you in your decision making process is important.


Get advice

Talk to your financial planner about alternatives and learn about what BlackRock funds are available to you.


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