Portfolio construction course

“Portfolio construction" is not simply a matter of selecting stocks and bonds and determining their allocation. It involves understanding how all of the different components work together and how elements like risk and diversification play a role. See the curriculum below to master the fundamentals of portfolio construction. 

In this step-by-step course, you will learn:

  1. The benefits of having an established investment process and how to get started
  2. How to rethink risk and its impact on investment portfolios
  3. The importance of seeking diversification

Tip: Maximize understanding of the material by navigating the modules in order.

Start the course by exploring how to create an established investment process

  • Remember to focus on more than high-performing funds.
    MODULE 1

    Understanding portfolio construction

    By BlackRock

    Explore what portfolio construction means and discover how to get started with establishing an investment process.

    Start the course Start the course
  • Take the first step in building an investment portfolio by creating a benchmark.
    MODULE 2

    Benchmarking and budgeting

    By BlackRock

    Learn about the first two steps of the four-step portfolio construction process on setting a benchmark and a budget.

    Understand the process Understand the process
  • Establish an investment review process.
    MODULE 3

    Investing and monitoring

    By BlackRock

    Explore the last two steps of the portfolio construction process on key factors to consider before and after investing.

    Understand the process Understand the process

Finish the course by understanding the impact of risk and diversification on investment portfolios

  • Look beyond the surface to see what types of investments make up a portfolio.
    MODULE 4

    Rethinking risk

    By BlackRock

    Is all risk bad? Explore what risk really means and learn about the different types of risk and how to measure it.

    Start rethinking risk Start rethinking risk
  • Look beyond the surface to see what types of investments make up a portfolio.
    MODULE 5

    Diversifying investments

    By BlackRock

    What is diversification? Can it help clients stay invested? Explore what diversification means and the benefits.

    Finish the course Finish the course

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