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The education platform provides learning modules on portfolio construction and ETFs to help investors learn the basics and potentially make better investment decisions.
Take the complexity out of investing
BlackRock is a global asset manager, focused on helping more and more people experience financial well-being. That starts with education. Through this platform, investors can take charge of their financial futures.
Hands lifted with purpose
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Properly building an investment portfolio can be a true differentiator for financial professionals among their clients. Learn the fundamentals of portfolio construction to get started.
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Launch the ETFs course
Explore the ins and outs of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), from the different types, advantages and risks to considering varying investment options.
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Financial professional
I professionally manage portfolios on behalf of individual investors and provide financial advisory services. Examples of financial professionals include financial advisors, private bankers, etc.

Institutional investor
I professionally manage portfolios on behalf of institutions such as pension funds, sovereign funds, insurance companies, etc.

Individual investor
I buy and sell securities for my personal account, not for another company or organization. I am not a financial professional nor an institutional investor.