Meet LifePath!

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    There are some challenges in life you're prepared to take on. And there are others where it makes sense to call in a professional. Sometimes, the difference between success and failure is knowing when to make the call.

    Like when you're managing investments for your retirement savings plan. Smart investing takes knowledge, information and time. You need to know when to take on risk and how to help reduce risk as your career winds down. So consider the LifePath target date funds from BlackRock.

    LifePath funds automatically reduce risk exposure throughout your career. That means you can pick the fund for the year nearest the year you plan to retire and focus on saving, NOT on shifting your investment mix. LifePath Target Date Funds are managed by the professionals at BlackRock, trusted to manage more money than any other firm in the world. You'll get a globally diversified mix of investments. And professional management from the company that created target date funds over 20 years ago. That can leave you free to focus on your career and your family.

    While we focus on helping you get ready to retire.