Sovereign risk tracker

Apr 26, 2016

Which countries were the biggest movers in the latest quarterly update of our BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index (BSRI)? Our latest data visual provides a representation of the 50 countries we track.

The new interactive includes country details, side-by-side country comparisons, a global sovereign risk map and the ability to download and print the underlying data in a neat four-page PDF. Launch the map below to try out the new experience. The latest update also details key movers in the first quarter, including India, Ireland, China and Venezuela.

Mapping sovereign risk

Overall score

The BSRI provides investors with a framework for tracking sovereign credit risk. It draws on a pool of more than 30 quantitative measures spanning financial data, surveys and political insights.

The BSRI breaks down the data into four main categories that each count toward a country’s final BSRI score and ranking: Fiscal Space (40%), Willingness to Pay (30%), External Finance Position (20%) and Financial Sector Health (10%). See the data visual for more details on how it works.

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