Meet the BII team

BII helps investors make smarter decisions and plan for the long term

The BlackRock Investment Institute (BII) leverages the firm’s expertise to provide insights on the global economy, markets, geopolitics and long-term asset allocation – all to help our clients and portfolio managers navigate financial markets. As a unique center of excellence, BII offers strategic and tactical market views, publications and digital tools that are underpinned by proprietary research.

Our aim is to secure a better financial future for our clients by helping them understand what is in their portfolio and determine the mix of asset classes that fit their risk and return needs. Jean Boivin, head of BII, oversees all of BII’s activities and is responsible for ensuring that BII integrates research insights on portfolio construction, economics and markets with the long-term, whole-portfolio perspective that our clients need today.

Jean Boivin
Head of BlackRock Investment Institute
Jean Boivin, PhD, Managing Director, is the Head of the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII). The institute leverages BlackRock’s expertise and produces ...

What makes us unique?

Leverage expertise
We connect BlackRock’s best minds to solve complex market and societal issues.
In-depth research
In-depth research
We generate proprietary research on economics, markets and portfolio construction.
Actionable insights
Actionable insights
We produce strategic and tactical insights to help investors make better decisions.
Thumb: Investment outlook forum
Investment outlook forum
Over 100 BlackRock portfolio managers, strategists and executives gather twice per year to debate the outlook for the economy, markets and politics.
Daily global meeting
BlackRock portfolio managers and strategists around the world gather daily to discuss market news, share investment views and debate a topical weekly question posed by a rotating chair.
Thumb: BII daily global meeting

What we create

Research and insights

BII’s research focuses on three main areas:

  • We generate in-depth, proprietary economic and markets research for BlackRock’s portfolio managers and clients. We share these through internal notes, our Macro and market perspectives publication, BlackRock macro insights page and our proprietary data on the BlackRock macro dashboard.
  • We develop the core research principles and intellectual property that underpin BlackRock’s approach to portfolio design, such as our Capital market assumptions and portfolio optimization tools, with the aim to create better long-term financial futures for clients.
  • Our global strategist team develops actionable, tactical views for our clients and client-facing professionals. Our Weekly commentary and quarterly Global investment outlook bring our tactical views to life. The team has representatives in key markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia, who also bring local intelligence to BII and BlackRock’s portfolio managers.

Elga Bartsch, who leads the economic and markets team, and chief strategists Kate Moore (equities) and Scott Thiel (fixed income) work with BlackRock’s portfolio managers to identify key market trends and produce strategic and tactical investment views that are powering asset allocation. Jack Reerink oversees BII’s publications and business operations.

Chief Equity Strategist
Chief Fixed Income Strategist

Our background

BII was established in 2011 in the midst of the European debt crisis when it became clear BlackRock needed a forum to analyze seismic market events across asset classes. It grew significantly in 2016 under BlackRock Vice Chairman Philipp Hildebrand.

We expanded our macro team and added a global network of strategists to provide actionable market views and proprietary research.

We also built up our geopolitical expertise under BII Chairman Tom Donilon, and showcase some of our research in this area on our BlackRock geopolitical risk dashboard. BII’s mandate evolved in 2019 to integrate macro and market views with insights on portfolio construction to provide clients with the long-term perspective they need today.

Chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute