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Active Equities

Benchmark returns alone may not be enough for
financial well-being.

By seeking returns above market benchmarks, active equity strategies have a place in any prudent portfolio – alone and as complements to index and other strategies.

To help you achieve financial well-being, BlackRock’s active equity managers use every tool available by combining human insight and innovative technologies.

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Why BlackRock?

Four key strengths underpin BlackRock’s active equities platform.
Human machine
Human (machine)
Combining human insight and innovative technology in seeking to generate alpha
Differentiated Perspectives
Differentiated Perspectives
Panoramic investment views provided by global research connectivity and cross-asset class collaboration
Personalized Scale
Personalized Scale
Seeking to use scale and scope to benefit clients in all we do
Fiduciary Trust
Fiduciary Trust
From our founding 30 years ago, we have always been a fiduciary to
our clients

Meet some of our team leaders

Mark Wiseman
Global Head of Active Equities

"The advanced pace of technological disruption is remaking the traditional investment landscape, providing new ways to identify opportunities that generate value for our clients."
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Jeff Shen
Co-CIO of Active Equities and Co-Head of Systematic Active Equity

"The future success for active management will depend more on the ability to leverage innovative data and disruptive technology in the investment process."
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Tony DeSpirito
Director of Investments, U.S. Fundamental Equities and Head of U.S. Income & Value Team

"As fundamental investors, we seek to forecast future truth about a company. New sources of data are an increasingly important piece of this mosaic."
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How can we help you achieve your most important financial goals?

Within four simple suites, BlackRock offers both fundamental and systematic strategies that combine human insight and technology in varying degrees to seek the outcomes that you need.

Explore our full range of active equity solutions

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If you’re seeking broad, diversified core exposure at lower cost and in a risk-controlled framework, explore our Advantage Series:

If you’re seeking high-conviction, more concentrated strategies, explore:

If you’re targeting a specific goal such as steady income or sustainable investing alongside capital appreciation potential, explore:

If you’re targeting specific country, sector and specialty exposures to express a tactical investment view, explore:

BlackRock Active Equities –
At a glance

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$279 billion in assets under management, across nearly 120 strategies.

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260+ investment professionals across 14 investment centers globally.

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35 team leaders with average experience of 24 years.

Source: BlackRock, as of March 31, 2019.