Active Equities

Systematic Active Equity

A cost-effective and risk-managed way to target above-market returns

Clients have more choices for targeting their investing goals today – and higher expectations for active managers. A differentiated outcome requires a differentiated approach.

Seeking an information edge – in pursuit of an alpha edge

In an age of information overload, the ability to process large amounts of data can create a significant advantage. So can the ability to anticipate and interpret flows in a market that has been transformed by higher volumes and rapid trading.

BlackRock’s Systematic Active Equity (SAE) team uses cutting-edge technology in systematically seeking to sniff out hard-to-find market inefficiencies while minimizing uncompensated risks. The goal: Outperform the market on a consistent basis, with a systematic, risk-managed approach to stock selection and at fees that do not erode returns.

We believe that better and more differentiated investment insights from new data and new techniques are becoming necessary conditions for investment success.

Jeff Shen
Co-Head of Systematic Active Equity

Benefits of a systematic approach in equities

Information advantage
Information advantage
Harness the superabundance of data, and the technology available to process it, to arrive at novel sources of equity return
Disciplined, systematic process
Disciplined, systematic process
Implement ideas across thousands of stocks daily through a rigorous, consistent and repeatable investment process
Robust risk management
Robust risk management
Employ proprietary tools and technology in seeking to manage risk and generate consistent results over the long term
Enhanced diversification and return potential
Enhanced diversification and return potential
A powerful complement to index and factor strategies, helping to enhance portfolio outcomes

History of innovation

SAE is a 34-year old investment platform* managing money in every investable market in the world. Discovering new market inefficiencies is key to success as they can disappear as quickly as they are found. We believe that an investment process underpinned by continual innovation is vital to our goal of delivering sustainable alpha to our clients.

*Including time with Barclays Global Investments and Wells Fargo Nikko Investment Advisors

With more time, more data
Growth in sources of investment-relevant information

Growth in sources of investment-relevant information


Source: BlackRock, as of May 2020.


Beating the market has always required an information edge ― something harder to achieve, and maintain, in a hyper-informed world. We believe staying ahead requires three imperatives:

Our philosophy

Robust people power

Systematic investing is more than computerized stock picking; human intellect is central to investment decision-making. Just as our process has evolved over time, so too has the people power involved in these efforts. Members of BlackRock’s earliest SAE team had backgrounds in academic finance and accounting, as well as physics and math. Today, they are joined by team members with experience in computer science, statistics and engineering. This multi-disciplinary foundation is seen as a key source of strength and differentiation.

BlackRock SAE at a glance

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Source: BlackRock, as of May 2020. Subject to change.
* Director and above. † Degree subject of highest education level.

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