Andrew Ang

Andrew Ang

Head of Factor Investing Strategies

Andrew Ang, PhD, Managing Director, coordinates BlackRock’s efforts in factor investing. He leads BlackRock’s Factor-Based Strategies Group which manages macro and style factor multi-asset funds. The group optimizes factors to help meet investment outcomes, such as retirement savings, factor advisory mandates and bespoke factor solutions, and develops factor analytics tools leveraging BlackRock’s Aladdin platform.


Throughout his career, Dr. Ang has focused on identifying and harvesting factor risk premiums within and across asset classes. Before joining BlackRock in 2015, Dr. Ang was Chair of the Finance and Economics Division and the Ann F. Kaplan Professor of Business at Columbia Business School. He has published widely on equities, fixed income, asset and factor allocation, and alternative assets. His book, “Asset Management: A Systematic Approach to Factor Investing” is a comprehensive guide showing how factor risk premiums can be harvested in portfolio design and incorporated in all aspects of investment management. As a professor, Dr. Ang worked with several large institutional managers as an advisor and consultant.


Dr. Ang earned a BEc(Hons) degree in actuarial studies from Macquarie University, and a PhD in finance and MS in statistics from Stanford University.

People at BlackRock Andrew Ang

Jan 27, 2017

  • People of BlackRock with Andrew Ang

    Hi, I’m Andrew Ang and I lead Factor Based Investing at BlackRock.


    I view myself as a conductor. I deliver investment outcomes in terms of factors – broad, persistent drivers of returns.


    I think factors are going to be transformative but in order for them to be very wide-spread, we need data and technology. We also need education and outreach which we saw during the 1990’s for example with the rise of index funds. We need efficient investment vehicles.


    The way that I see data and technology is very similar to my phone, my smartphone. And I love my smartphone. But if we look at the apps there, we’ve seen all of those things many years ago – like maps, or car services, hotels or airlines. And what we’ve done with factor investing is like the phone. We take very intuitive investment concepts, like buying cheap (value investing) or riding the trend (momentum investing), but we’ve made the phone. So we can deliver those types of intuitive investment styles across the world. We can trade them with ruthless efficiency and we can help them to achieve investment outcomes.


    Risk management has always been part of the DNA of this firm and factors have been central to that. But what’s happened with factors is they’ve gone beyond just being used in a risk management context to mitigate unintended risk to being able to take deliberate potentially time varying views on rewarded factors as an investment strategy in its own right.


    We’ve been able to democratize access to these factors and all investors, both large and small want outcomes. Reducing risk or enhancing returns. Increased diversification. And factors help to meet those goals.


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