Invested in the future of Americans

All across the country, we’re dedicated to helping Americans invest for their future, offering low-cost investment options, and helping communities thrive.

My name is Joshua Florence.

One thing I learned being a firefighter is plan ahead.

You don’t know what you’re getting into, but at the end of the day,

you know you have a team behind you that can help you.

BlackRock is proud to manage the pension plans of hundreds of thousands of first responders across America

Not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody.

Invested in the future of Americans. BlackRock.

Helping Americans achieve financial freedom

Managing the retirement plan assets of over 35 million1 Americans.

Meet Joshua, one of the hundreds of thousands of first responders whose retirement plan assets are managed by BlackRock.

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Improving access to investing

Eliminating barriers to investing for millions of Americans2 through our low-cost iShares® funds.
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Helping communities thrive

Investing over $20 billion3 in U.S. roads, bridges and transportation on behalf of our clients to support our communities.