BlackRock setting the record straight

As one of the world’s leading asset managers, BlackRock is committed to helping our clients experience financial well-being. The money we manage is not our own. It belongs to the individuals and organizations representing more than 120 million people1 around the world who rely on BlackRock to help them reach their long-term goals.

BlackRock is proud to serve pension funds providing for nurses, teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, and other workers in public and private sectors; individuals who are investing for their own retirement or other goals; as well as a range of other clients. 

Our job is to: offer investment choices to meet our clients’ objectives; provide transparency into how those decisions can affect the portfolio’s risk-return profile; and share our perspective on how macroeconomic, geopolitical, and structural forces impact asset prices and how we believe those trends are likely to unfold over time.

The fiduciary mindset: our clients’ interests come first

As a fiduciary, we have an obligation to act in the best interest of our clients and to be solely focused on their investment objectives. Our clients’ interests come first. Always.

Setting the record straight

Recently, there has been a lot of misinformation about BlackRock and how we invest on behalf of our clients. To share facts and set the record straight, please take the time to learn more about:
Energy investing
Our focus on energy investing and how we consider climate risk.
U.S. real estate
Our role in the U.S. real estate market (we are not among the institutional investors buying single-family homes).
Liability-driven investing
Our objectives with Liability-Driven Investing, recent events in UK markets, and our duty to those who are managing the money of those saving for retirement.