• Weekly market commentary

    20-Feb-2024 | By BlackRock Investment Institute
    We think market optimism can persist for now but stay nimble. Read why greater dispersion of returns spurs us to get more active in our long-term portfolios.
  • Credit where it's due

    01-Feb-2024 | By BlackRock
    Two of the major themes in UK Pensions have been i) increasing resilience and ii) Preparing for end game given the improvement in scheme funding positions.
  • Views from the LDI desk – January 2024

    05-Jan-2024 | By BlackRock
    This is not a classic 2024 outlook but simply a summary of some of the things we expect to be thinking and writing about over the next few months.
  • Stock Market Monitor

    02-Jan-2024 | By Helen Jewell
    We believe the current business cycle is playing out in a manner that differs from the past, creating dispersion within markets and opportunities for stock pickers to achieve above-market returns.
  • Views from the LDI desk – December 2023

    13-Dec-2023 | By BlackRock
    As we head into the last data and rate decisions of 2023, with the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of England all expected to hold rates.
  • Diamonds in the rough: Finding gems in an uncertain earnings environment

    23-Nov-2023 | By Helen Jewell | Stefan Gries
    Helen Jewell from BlackRock Fundamental Equities highlights what we have learned from the latest corporate earnings season
  • Views from the LDI desk – November 2023

    16-Nov-2023 | By BlackRock
    Over the course of 2023, pension schemes have continued to work with their advisors and LDI managers to evolve collateral resilience to market shocks.
  • NVIDIA CEO, tech visionary, shares AI insights and outlook

    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang sat down with BlackRock’s Tony Kim to discuss the fast-moving progress of generative artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Views from the LDI desk – October 2023

    01-Nov-2023 | By BlackRock
    Explore the supply and demand factors influencing global bond markets amidst ongoing volatility.
  • Insight, innovation and tackling inequality - 2023 and beyond

    02-Oct-2023 | By BlackRock
    Claire Felgate, Head of Consultant Relations for the UK, Middle East and Africa, explores some of 2023’s key themes and looks forward to 2024. Read more.
  • Views from the LDI desk – September 2023

    27-Sept-2023 | By BlackRock
    In this edition of Views from the LDI Desk we cover recent developments in the UK macro picture as the Bank of England (BoE) hold rates.
  • Equity investing for a new era: The return of alpha

    21-Aug-2023 | By Helen Jewell | BlackRock
    The era of easy money has ended. BlackRock Fundamental Equities CIOs Tony DeSpirito and Helen Jewell discuss what is next for stock investors.
  • How to capture a megaforce

    18-Aug-2023 | By BlackRock
    Gain insights from BlackRock and MSCI on investment vehicles for institutional investors that could seize opportunities in the energy transition megaforce.
  • Views from the LDI desk – August 2023

    10-Aug-2023 | By BlackRock
    On the 3 August 2023, the Bank of England announced its 14th consecutive hike in interest rates, increasing rates by 0.25% and bringing the base rate to 5.25%.
  • Does the new regime require a different approach to asset allocation?

    01-Aug-2023 | By Christopher Ellis Thomas
    Is the traditional portfolio model broken, especially in the new regime of uncertainty of where dynamic allocation like MyMap funds are the solution.
  • Diagnosis: Big opportunity in healthcare stocks

    Healthcare stocks may offer both resilience and growth amid macroeconomic turbulence. Dr. Erin Xie answers the big questions facing healthcare investors today
  • Views from the LDI desk – July 2023

    14-Jul-2023 | By BlackRock
    A scheme’s liabilities can be valued in several different ways with different discount curves and spreads used depending on the purpose of the valuation. Following the volatility experienced
  • Thematic Investing

    10-Jul-2023 | By BlackRock
    Thematic investing is one way charities can align investments with their mission. Ian Allsop, Charity Finance reports from a recent roundtable.
  • What effect has Autumn 2022 had on DB pension scheme end game options?

    30-Jun-2023 | By BlackRock
    For trustees of DB pensions, the events of Autumn 2022 have prompted a review of governance models. A debate on the options for endgame has opened.
  • Defined Benefit: New perspectives

    30-Jun-2023 | By BlackRock
    Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes face regulatory challenges, including new initiatives and funding changes which requires an 'endgame' strategy. Read more.
  • An active investor’s guide to emerging markets stocks

    With 25 countries and 4,000 stocks to choose from, emerging markets have a lot to offer. Stock picker Emily Fletcher assesses the opportunities and risks.
  • Views from the LDI desk – June 2023, part 2

    23-Jun-2023 | By BlackRock
    Following strong employment data and another inflation upside, many economists felt that a 0.5% hike was justified but doubted the MPC ability to deliver on this.
  • Views from the LDI Desk – June 2023

    13-Jun-2023 | By BlackRock
    As schemes continue to evolve their collateral resilience to market shocks and build out collateral waterfalls, BlackRock has been partnering with other market participants to develop new ways of enhancing collateral resilience.
  • Views from the LDI desk – May 2023

    22-May-2023 | By BlackRock
    With further regulatory clarity now available on LDI and collateral buffers, does this represent an attractive opportunity for schemes to complete hedging or will the supply and demand imbalance continue to play out?
  • 3 catalysts for technology stocks in 2023

    28-Mar-2023 | By Reid Menge
    Are technology stocks set for more pain or renewed gains in 2023? BlackRock Fundamental Equities investor Reid Menge weighs in with 3 investment themes.
  • Nothing artificial about investment opportunity in generative AI

    The greatest technological innovation since the smart phone is here, says active equity investor Reid Menge. He discusses the opportunity in generative AI.
  • Meeting New challenges: Trustee Training

    01-Mar-2023 | By BlackRock
    In November 2022, we brought together an expert panel of speakers to discuss the challenges Charity Trustees face and how best to address them. 
  • Can OCIO be the answer for your pension scheme?

    28-Feb-2023 | By BlackRock
    Sion Cole, Head of UK OCIO Business, BlackRock, explores the relevance of OCIO managers as more schemes move to buy-out and his predictions for the market.
  • Where next for equity markets?

    15-Feb-2023 | By Helen Jewell | Nigel Bolton
    Will 2023 be positive for equities? We believe it can be, but expect more volatility along the way. We explain this through three main topics.
  • My first year at BlackRock

    09-Dec-2022 | By BlackRock
    Lara Edmonstone-West, director within the BlackRock OCIO Business Team, talks about her first year at BlackRock and what makes it such a unique place to work.
  • UK stocks: Inflation, recession – and opportunity

    01-Nov-2022 | By Adam Avigdori | Oliver Dixon
    We expect UK assets to remain in the headlines over coming months. This presents opportunities to find quality companies whose share prices have been dragged down with the overall market.
  • How alternative are alternative investments?

    03-Oct-2022 | By BlackRock
    Charity Finance, in partnership with BlackRock, convened a panel of experts to discuss the role of alternative investments in the current economic climate.
  • Three reasons to consider European stocks

    20-Jul-2022 | By Andreas Zoellinger | Brian Hall | Nigel Bolton
    We believe it's possible to be positive on European stocks without being positive on the region's near-term growth
  • Inflation and the market challenges facing investors

    19-Jul-2022 | By BlackRock | BlackRock | Rupert Harrison, PhD | BlackRock
    A worldwide slowdown in growth and a sharp rise in inflation poses problems for central banks and investors. Experts from BlackRock discuss market challenges and risks.
  • In today’s volatile markets, diversification requires new tools

    26-Jun-2022 | By Conan McKenzie
    Rising correlation between equities and bonds demands new tools for diversification in multi-asset portfolios. Portfolio manager Conan McKenzie explains.
  • Confusion yields opportunity

    23-Feb-2022 | By BlackRock Investment Institute
    Amid the market confusion so far this year, we see an opportunity to add to our overweight to developed market equities on a strategic horizon. Read why.
  • MyMap multi-asset funds: Build simple, diversified client portfolios

    MyMap funds are simple, diversified, cost-effective, & risk-managed. It could help you do more with your client’s money & support their financial goals.
  • A stock market outlook for the generations

    Millennials were more comfortable with the stock market this year, a May survey found. We explore the outlook for equities through a generational lens.
  • The Power Of Clean Energy

    On this episode of The Bid podcast, BlackRock's Mark Wiedman and ENEL CEO, Francecesco Starace, discuss sustainable energy. Listen now.
  • Investment Consultants

    BlackRock's Global Consultant Relations team partners with regional, national and global investment consultants to develop solutions for their clients.
  • Conan McKenzie, CFA

    Conan McKenzie, CFA, Managing Director, is a member of the Diversified Strategies team within BlackRock's Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions Group.
  • Long-Term Assets Fund (LTAF)

    LTAFs are designed with a diversified approach to alternatives, providing schemes with access to alternatives throughout the liquidity spectrum.
  • Performance & holdings

    The BlackRock Latin American Investment Trust invests in listed securities in the emerging markets of Latin America. Find out about its performance and holdings.
  • Annual General Meeting

    Hear Portfolio Manager, Roland Arnold share the case for investing in UK smaller companies and provide an update on Trust performance, portfolio positioning and outlook.
  • Local Government Pension Schemes

    We understand the regulatory environment in which LGPS funds must live. We design solutions that are specifically built to meet those requirements.
  • How To Invest

    You can buy shares in the BlackRock World Mining Trust via a stockbroker or an online platform and through an ISA or self-invested personal pension (SIPP). Find out how to invest.
  • Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

    Fiduciary management provides a fully outsourced investment solution to meet the UK DB pension schemes challenge through investment portfolios.
  • Learn how to invest. Explore all the details here.

    Find information on how to invest here. BlackRock suggests that investors seek professional advice before making an investment decision.
  • Three key company characteristics as costs rise and growth slows

    The biggest issue for investors this year, is the potential magnitude of the global economic slowdown. Read our latest article.
  • Investment trusts

    THRG is a high-conviction portfolio, investing in the UK’s most differentiated and emerging companies. Our aim is long-term capital growth.

Video: New challenges call for Diversified Solutions

New video providing you an update on the BlackRock Dynamic Diversified Growth strategy. In this video we will look at performance in the first half of 2022, portfolio positioning and our outlook for the remainder of the year.