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While 68% of Latin Americans feel positive about their financial future, they are less confident than they were in 2015. Discussions with their financial advisers, private bankers, or family and friends are essential to their financial planning.

% confident they are makign the risk decisions for their financial futures

Confidence in financial decision making is decreasing

Latin American investors are the most positive towards their financial futures compared to their American, European, and Asian counterparts. Yet, Latin Americans’ confidence in their financial decision making has decreased by 7 points since 2015. Confidence is lowest among the 45-54 age group, who may feel added pressures as they support both younger and older generations.

Domestic reforms are driving top risks to financial futures

Latin Americans see the domestic economy and high cost of living as the biggest risks to their financial future. Additionally, an increasing number of Latin Americans perceive real estate and healthcare costs as significant risks, each category seeing a 3% surge since 2015.

Top risks to Latin Americans’ financial futures
Latin Americans’ financial priorities

Saving money seen as most important financial priority

Given their perceived risks, it is no surprise that saving money and saving and investing for retirement are Latin Americans’ top financial priorities. Additionally, paying for healthcare and saving for a home showed the most significant jumps since 2015, +6% and +4% respectively.

Retirement planning and pension reform among most relevant to
Latin Americans

Latin Americans have demonstrated to be very aware of most financial topics discussed in the media, with high awareness and relevance cited towards messages about retirement planning and pension reforms. Latin Americans who are more focused on their financial future – using an advisor and saving for retirement – are also more tuned in to these specific topics.

Stories Latin Americans are following in the media. Stories Latin Americans are following in the media.
Stories Latin Americans are following in the media.
Stories Latin Americans are following in the media.

Take action

For many Latin Americans, taking thoughtful action is essential to improving financial confidence and long-term planning. Build knowledge around the markets and retirement, two key areas of interest for many investors.

Be a student of the market

Be a student of the market

The first step in successful planning and investing is understanding the markets and how shifts impact your portfolio. Explore our latest investment insights.