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Investor Pulse
Latin America

Welcome to the 3rd edition of BlackRock’s Global Investor Pulse survey in Latin America, one of the largest studies of investor behavior in the world. Taking in the views of 28,000 people across 18 countries, Investor Pulse reveals what people in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico aged 25-74 think and feel about
their financial future.




Latin Americans


While 68% of Latin Americans feel positive about their financial future, they are less confident than they were in 2015. Discussions with their financial advisers, private bankers, or family and friends are essential to their financial planning.
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Despite being confident about being on track to meet their retirement goals, Latin Americans are still concerned about outliving their savings and burdening their families.
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Stepping out of cash

Latin Americans have the majority of their portfolio in cash. One-third is held for long-term savings or an investment opportunity, money which could be put to better use.
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Latin Americans’ portfolios

While Latin Americans’ cash allocation has decreased, the majority of their portfolios are still in cash and property. Those who are investing do so to grow and safeguard their capital and meet financial priorities.
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Technology and the role of financial advisors

Latin Americans rely on online channels as their main source of information when making long-term savings and investments decisions, and three-quarters use them to monitor and manage their finances online.
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