BlackRock Mutual Funds

About our mutual funds

  • Mutual funds offer investors a professionally managed portfolio of stocks and/or bonds that can help deliver diversification.
  • BlackRock offers a comprehensive set of high performing, low cost mutual funds designed to deliver excess returns across a variety of asset classes, geographies and investment outcomes.
  • As the largest asset manager in the world, BlackRock has more than 100 investment teams in 30 countries, using the industry leading Aladdin risk management platform, to make investment decisions on behalf of our clients.

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Featured fixed income funds

87%1 of our U.S. Bond funds have 1st quartile performance, with 95% of them priced in the least expensive quartile.

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Featured equity funds

Our equity funds are perfectly positioned for income and income growth in uncertain markets.

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Featured multi-asset funds

Multi-Asset funds are designed to deliver improved outcomes by eliminating traditional investment boundaries and dynamically adjusting portfolios over time.

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