Invested in a sustainable future

To help solve climate change, the world needs to transition to using more renewable energy.
Supporting innovation in renewable power is essential to a clean energy future.
Globally, our client investments focused on renewable power have:
Powered more than 2.5 million homes with clean energy.
Saved 360 million cubic meters of water - enough to fill more than 140,000 Olympic-sized pools,
and avoided just over 85 million tons of emissions - that’s like taking 36 million cars off the road.
This is one way we’re helping to build a more sustainable future and transition the planet to net zero.
END CARD: “BLACKROCK // Advancing Sustainability”

We’re proud to be supporting innovation in renewable energy on behalf of our clients. Watch to learn how we’re helping to build a more sustainable future and transition the planet to a net zero economy.


Innovation on the road to net zero

Larry Fink: I really believe the transformation of leadership, the transformation of businesses is about more and more leaders in their focusing on things about their stakeholders. They're connecting with their employees deeper and broader, they’re connecting with the client broader and they're certainly trying to be more connected to their society. So much of that is in this letter it is about moving forward on better disclosure, more complete disclosure, especially in that zero climate change. And investing is something that is a powerful economic result. As we move towards a more sustainable world it's going to create great jobs, is going to create a you know a great environment, and so we should not be afraid of it we should all be embracing it and finding ways that we could you know be a part of that and I think this is one of the big messages in the 2021 letter.

Larry Fink on our sustainable future

Larry Fink, BlackRock’s Chairman and CEO, joins The Bid podcast to talk about how the energy transition, including the widespread adoption of net zero, will fundamentally reshape the global economy.

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