What is the NextGen 529?

NextGen 529® is a plan that can help you prepare for the education and future of yourself and your loved ones

Why NextGen

Opening doors, unlocking potential

Beyond just earning power, education gives young people learning power – the power to tackle new challenges. Help your children reach their dreams and plan now for the educational savings to help them get there.

Conveniently make automated bank transfers or payroll deductions into a child’s NextGen 529 account.
Your family can enjoy the benefit of a high contribution limit of $520,000 per beneficiary.
Investment choice
Choose from a wide array of professionally managed investment options.
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Invest with the help of a financial advisor
With the help of a financial advisor this plan offers you a tax-advantaged way to invest, while reducing your taxable estate.
End-to-end investment management
Customize your plan across professionally managed portfolios. See options for lower risk tolerance, or a short time horizon, before paying educational expenses.
How to get started
To learn more about the NextGen Select Series call 1-833-336-4529 or contact your BlackRock representative.
Invest with financial independence
Investors have the flexibility to independently manage their own investments and meet their goals with this tax-advantaged 529 plan.
See your investment options
This plan gives you the ability to customize your investments. This Investment Guide can help you better understand the types of portfolios available.
How to get started
To learn more about the NextGen Direct Series call 1-877-463-9843.
What is a 529 investment plan for?
• Saving for a student’s college education
• Paying your graduate school expenses
• Pursuing an interest through CE courses
What college expenses does it cover?
• Tuition and Fees
• Room and board
• Books, supplies and required equipment (e.g., computers)
What are the key benefits?
• Grow and withdraw assets free of federal taxes
• Additional benefits for Maine residents
• Flexibility to transfer to another eligible relative
College savings estimator tool to determine how much is needed to pay for college
College savings estimator
Determine approximately how much you need to save to pay for college.
529 College Savings Comparison tool to determine which plan is the best option
529 Comparison tool
Look at different plans to see which is the best option for you.