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Investing for outcomes

Markets are marked by increased uncertainty, from trade tensions to monetary policy to growing geopolitical unrest. As a result, investors may need to work harder to achieve the outcomes they want. Explore strategies to help your portfolio meet your needs.

Explore sustainable strategies
Sustainable investing is about investing in progress and pioneering better ways of doing business. Just as investors have made lifestyle choices to align with their beliefs, they can now do the same with their investment portfolios.
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Generate Income
For individuals who rely on their investments for income, it’s important to allocate to both stocks and bonds. Taking a diversified approach with these investments can help investors seek consistent income for the long run, while potentially reducing risk in their portfolios.
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Reduce your investment risk
Investing for the long-term means persisting through market swings. By selling during times of volatility and missing out when the markets turn back up, investors' portfolios could underperform. Instead, investors should consider these funds that can potentially help during times of volatility.
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Lower your investment fees
For investors who are looking to lower fees in their portfolio, or get started at a low cost, broad index exchange traded funds (ETFs) can help. iShares Core ETFs are a low cost and tax-efficient way to help build a strong foundation for a portfolio.
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Access higher growth potential
Investors with a longer time horizon may want to take more risk with their investments. Stocks targeted towards momentum and growth have been able to deliver higher returns in the long run. These types of stocks can be a way for investors to balance risk-taking and reward in their portfolio.
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Navigate changing interest rates
Rising interest rates can provide investors with opportunities to seek higher yield (i.e. income). But as interest rates rise, the value of bonds tends to fall, putting bond portfolios at risk. Investors should prepare their portfolios to be ready for rate changes.
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