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What makes BlackRock Global Allocation Fund unique?

Insights from the Global Allocation Team

Global Allocation Fund’s flexible mandate and broad investment universe enables its management team to scour the world for the best opportunities and adapt as markets change. Hear from Portfolio manager David Clayton on what makes Global Allocation unique and difficult to replicate.

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    Mike Trudel: David, what is it about the Global Allocation Team’s mandate that makes working on this team unique in our industry?

    David Clayton: The Global Allocation Team is unique in its breadth. It’s also important to note we’re very unique in our depth. We have one of the largest and most experienced teams in the business, and our analysts have the unique ability to recommend securities not just around the globe, but also across the capital structure. And our ability to access securities that are not widely followed by sales-side analysts or not included in some of the major indices, and in rare cases, may not even be public yet, provides us with a unique competitive advantage. Accessing these types of investment opportunities can provide our shareholders with alpha generation opportunities without subjecting them to unacceptable levels of risk. These kinds of investments are also one of the reasons that Global Allocation Fund cannot be replicated in a passive manner or by individual investors.

    Mike Trudel: Talk to us a little bit about your history with the Global Allocation Team?

    David Clayton: As you know, I joined the team in 2010, but I have worked with many members of the team since the early-2000s, including Dennis, Dan, and Kent in connection with private transactions and other complex transactions cross the globe in my capacity, at that time, as in-house council. When I got the call to join the team in 2010, it was the opportunity of a lifetime for me to be able to join the team with people I had known and worked with - some of the smartest, most experienced people in the business - and a mandate that provides me with the opportunity to work on transactions and investments across the globe and across the capital structure was an opportunity I could not turn down.



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David Clayton, CFA, JD
Portfolio Manager, Global Allocation Team
David Clayton, CFA, JD, Managing Director, is a member of the Global Allocation Team within BlackRock's Multi-Asset Strategies Group.
Mike Trudel, CFA
Global Strategist, Global Allocation Team
Michael Trudel, CFA, JD, Managing Director, is a member of the Global Allocation Team within BlackRock's Multi-Asset Strategies Group.