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Making more by losing less - The case for equity covered call CEFs
Learn how equity covered call CEFs may help manage portfolio risk and potentially produce a better risk-adjusted outcome.
Making more by losing less - The case for equity covered call CEFs

Closed-end funds insights

  • Closed-End Funds vs. Mutual Funds

    Structure and Performance
  • Closed-end fund market update

    Explore our experts’ latest insights on the closed-end fund market.
  • A guide to investing in closed-end funds

    Learn more about the benefits of the closed-end fund structure
  • Five reasons to use closed-end funds in your portfolio

    This piece highlights five reasons to consider adding closed-end funds to your portfolio
  • Five Considerations when Evaluating a Closed-End Fund

    This piece highlights five things you should consider before making an investment in a CEF

Closed-end funds education

  • Importance of Total Return in Closed-End Funds

    Learn why its important to consider total return when evaluating a closed-end fund’s performance

  • Spotlight on Leverage in Closed-End Funds

    Learn how closed-end funds use leverage to potentially enhance income and returns

  • Closed-end fund “at the market” equity shelf offerings

    Understand the benefits and risks of closed-end funds for shareholders.

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