Global Weekly Commentary

Earnings growth goes global

Nov 13 / Richard Turnill

Earnings and global growth underpin our preference for stocks outside the U.S. Read more in our weekly commentary.

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A taxing path to reform

Oct 24, 2017 / By BlackRock

In our latest podcast, we discuss the uncertain path forward for tax reform in Washington with Kate Moore.

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How tax efficient are your investments?
When it comes to investing, taxes can take a big bite out of returns (see example on the right). When a security is sold at a profit, the gain can come back as a taxable distribution. Here are some tax-smart tips to mitigate that impact and build tax efficiency into a portfolio.
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Samara Cohen
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"We are in very early stages of what I think is the ETF revolution and how ETFs will really transform financial markets."

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Andrew Ang
Head of Factor Investing Strategies

"I think factors are going to be transformative but in order for them to be very widespread, we need data and technology."

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