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People are living longer than ever, which means they need their retirement savings to last longer, too. That’s why there’s LifePath® — an investment designed to help participants close the retirement income gap between where they are today and the retirement they want tomorrow.

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BlackRock's LifePath Funds, the industry's first target date funds, are designed to navigate uncertainty and seek to deliver a consistent standard of living. LifePath provides plan sponsors with a choice of strategies and the flexibility to evolve as their needs change.

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As one of only two target date fund series awarded the Morningstar Analyst Gold rating*, LifePath Index funds offer a globally diversified, low cost portfolio optimized for every life stage.

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LifePath Funds seek enhanced returns using index and active strategies within a market-aware glidepath.

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LifePath Active Funds seek the best mix of BlackRock active management within a tactically-adjusted glidepath.

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LifePath adjusts as retirement nears

LifePath funds are invested mainly in stocks early on to provide the potential for long-term growth. Over time, LifePath gradually shifts to more conservative investments, such as bonds, that are designed to manage against the market’s downside.

LifePath stock allocation vs. retirement

*For illustrative purposes only. LifePath stock allocation may include real estate investment trusts (REITS) and commodity funds.