Simply better prepared. For life.

Simply better prepared. For life.™

Introducing LifePath Paycheck™ Funds, a target date strategy that will provide the option to purchase a lifetime income stream at retirement. It’s a next-generation solution that can allow participants to retire from work, not a paycheck.

A solution for the next generation

We understand that as an employer, you have a great responsibility to take care of your employees. LifePath Paycheck will provide a defined benefit-like solution for participants within a defined contribution plan, with access to retirement income in a simple and cost-effective way. The strategy will seek to provide participants with better retirement outcomes by maximizing income, minimizing income volatility, and hedging longevity risk in retirement.

Retire from work, not a paycheck

LifePath Paycheck will seek to provide participants with access to a dependable, consistent source of income for life.
The strategy maintains daily liquidity, and participants have the flexibility to take income or not, as well as customize their choice without decision fatigue.
The all-in-one target date structure addresses the complexity of buying a traditional annuity, and BlackRock acts as a 3(38) fiduciary for the selection of insurers.
No commissions, loads or other distribution fees, and no surrender charges.

How do LifePath Paycheck™ Funds work?

Working years: Emphasis on growth
Prior to age 55, LifePath Paycheck behaves like our standard target date strategies by emphasizing growth assets early in a participant’s career, and gradually reducing risk by allocating to fixed income securities over time.
Working years: Emphasis on growth
Pre-retirement: Allocation to lifetime income begins
At age 55, a significant portion of the fixed income exposure is reallocated into an innovative “lifetime income” asset class, which represents underlying group annuity contracts. Over time, as a participant's allocation to lifetime income grows, so does his or her potential future income.
Pre-retirement: Allocation to lifetime income begins and grows over time
Retirement: Lifetime income reaches its target allocation
At retirement, participants who are age 59½ or older may elect—and immediately receive—a lifetime income stream payable by insurance providers Equitable and Brighthouse Financial.* The remaining portfolio assets will be mapped into a 50/50 (equity/fixed income) LifePath Paycheck Retirement Fund.
Retirement: Lifetime income reaches its target allocation
Better preparation, at your fingertips
In partnership with Microsoft, and integrated with recordkeeping platforms, the MyLifePath™ platform will deliver a clear picture of how today’s contributions can translate into income in retirement, and makes it simple for participants to initiate lifetime income.
Simply better prepared. With a tap

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