One of the biggest financial concerns for investors ages 55 to 74 is this: "Will I have enough to live on for retirement?" The BlackRock CoRI® Retirement Indexes ("CoRI Indexes") can help answer this question with more insight than vague rules of thumb. The CoRI Indexes are designed to provide an actionable, objective estimate of the annual retirement income an investor’s current savings could generate in retirement. By using the CoRI Indexes as a benchmark for retirement portfolios, individuals can gain critical insight into their annual retirement income potential and strategies to save, invest and spend to meet their goals.

What are the CoRI Indexes?

The CoRI Indexes are a series of age-based U.S. bond indexes. Each CoRI Index seeks to track the estimated cost of annual retirement income beginning at age 65. An individual should use the index that corresponds to the year he or she turns 65. Changes in the daily price, or "level," of each CoRI Index reflect the performance of a specific bond portfolio. BlackRock’s retirement investing professionals select those bonds – primarily investment grade corporate bonds, U.S. government bonds and U.S. Treasury STRIPS – to track what $1 in today’s retirement savings could provide in estimated annual lifetime income beginning at age 65. Estimated income includes a cost of living adjustment (COLA) in an effort to preserve purchasing power. While there is a specific index for each age from 55 to 74, the CoRI Indexes can still be helpful to investors of any age trying to learn about current estimates for the cost of generating lifetime retirement income — and the challenges involved with meeting those income goals.

How are the CoRI Indexes constructed?

The CoRI Indexes incorporate cash-flow modeling and actuarial practices to estimate the cost of annual retirement income, coupled with liability-driven investment techniques, to build a corresponding bond portfolio. This process takes into account many of the factors annuity providers use for estimating costs and delivering income, such as life expectancy, interest rates and inflation expectations. These features mean the CoRI Indexes can be used as a risk-free rate for retirement, providing an efficient way to measure the combined potential impact of investment and longevity risks on an individual’s retirement income potential. Using the CoRI Indexes, investors – quickly and easily – can evaluate retirement readiness and accumulation strategies in the years leading up to age 65, and later, help create a strategy for retirement income.

Current Age CoRI Index Name Index Level*
74 CoRI Index 2010 $16.26
73 CoRI Index 2011 $17.12
72 CoRI Index 2012 $18.01
71 CoRI Index 2013 $18.89
70 CoRI Index 2014 $19.80
69 CoRI Index 2015 $20.72
68 CoRI Index 2016 $21.68
67 CoRI Index 2017 $22.65
66 CoRI Index 2018 $23.63
65 CoRI Index 2019 $24.56
64 CoRI Index 2020 $25.80
63 CoRI Index 2021 $25.37
62 CoRI Index 2022 $24.86
61 CoRI Index 2023 $24.42
60 CoRI Index 2024 $24.02
59 CoRI Index 2025 $23.36
58 CoRI Index 2026 $22.63
57 CoRI Index 2027 $22.45
56 CoRI Index 2028 $21.96
55 CoRI Index 2029 $20.75

*As of 04/03/2020

The CoRI Retirement Indexes do not guarantee future income or protect against loss of principal. There can be no assurance that an investment strategy based on the CoRI Retirement Indexes will be successful. Indexes are unmanaged and one cannot invest directly in an index.

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